Finished until next year -- 12/21/07

This brings my total to eleven...
A few minutes ago I shut down my work computer. By adding some vacation days to the holidays, I am now finished with work for the rest of the year. Although I will probably log in and check e-mail most days, I will not be offically working again until January 2nd.

Ahhhhhhhh, that feels good!

I enjoy my job... but time off is good too.

Since Nancy teaches school, when she got home about three hours ago, she was also finished until January 2nd. We are looking forward to spending a relazing week and a half together.


Actually, tomorrow I am going to be getting up around my usual time and driving off to meet my brother at a shopping mall in the middle of Connecticut, roughly halfway between our houses. We're getting together for a relaxed lunch and to spend a few hours just hanging out and visiting without either of us having to make the twice-as-long journey to the other's house.

We seem to spend a lot of time chatting online in an instant messaging window, but as amusing as those chats can be, it is not the same thing as hanging out together. Yeah, we have a lot of fun talking -- we seem to crack each other up. My office party entry yesterday made him laugh and led to an online exchange of do-you-remember-the-time-when...

So if you are in a big mall in the Middletown/Meridan area in Connecticut around lunchtime on Saturday and you see two youthful guys (but with a distinguished touch of grey) sitting in a Ruby Tuesdays laughing their fool heads off, you just might be seeing us.

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