We have our tree -- 12/08/07

Eight entries in a row... I've not had that many entries without a gap since last year's Holidailies....
My daughter Jill and I got our Christmas tree this afternoon.

We went to the same place as last year (and the year before, and the year before that...), a you-cut tree farm just off route 138 near (and owned by) The Farmer's Daughter plant nursery. Before this place opened, most years we got our trees from a you-cut tree farm owned by the parents of the owner of The Farmer's Daughter. (Yes, she really is a farmer's daughter.)

The tree we picked was one of the older trees there. (Jill counted eleven or twelve rings, which would mean this tree was planted shortly after we moved to Rhode Island.) Lower branches had been pruned away as it had grown. We like its shape and its fullness... and Jill discovered another advantage of picking an older, taller tree like this one: you don't have to get down on your knees to try to cut almost at ground level; you can cut standing up.

Jill cutting the tree...
Jill tying the tree into place on the roof of my car...
So now the tree is on our front porch...

Nancy and I are going up to Providence tonight to see a play (Memory House) at Trinity Rep.. We'll probably have dinner at Trinity Brewhouse Restaurant & Pub.

Tomorrow we'll move furniture around in the living room and bring the Christmas ornaments up from the basement and set to work decorating the tree.

Tis the season...

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