Holidalies for 2007 -- 12/01/07
Okay, here we go with This is entry number one! A brief introduction....
As brief introduction to anyone who wanders in here from the Holidailies site, let me just note that I've been writing this online journal since 1996. Other than that all I really need to do is increment last year's introduction by ones. I'm still a middle-aged (*cough*) guy living in Rhode Island with my wife Nancy (a middle-school math teacher), two college student kids and our senior citizen cat Tiger. Except now I am 64 and Jill is 25 and Jeremy is 22 and Tiger is 14. (No, I would not be so foolish as to reveal my wife's age except to note that I am a good bit older than her -- Roosevelt was president when I was born and Eisenhower in the White House when she was born.) Eldest child Adam lives in New York City with his wife Leah and our grandson Sam and brand new 2007 vintage grandson Milo. I'm a former computer programmer and business systems analyst who got into doing software training and currently works from home doing quality assurance and editing on course material for both classroom courses and Web-based training courses for a really big international high tech company.
I thought I did fairly well with Holidalies last year -- 22 entries out of the 32 possible from December 1st to January 1st -- giving me a running start at the new year and I scored eleven entries during January. I immediately fell from that mark and never again touched double digits for the rest of the year. In fact, I only averaged six entries per month for the eleven months now past. And yet here I am, again attempting to write an entry every day from today through New Year's Day.
Nancy & me
Nancy and I enjoy exploring various parts of New England in general and Rhode Island in particular. I also like to post photographs in entries -- not all entries, so sometimes you would just find a pile of words here, but frequently these entries are illustrated. For example, my most recent entry was about a visit to Block Island this past Sunday that included several photographs.

One of the benefits from having embarked on my twelfth year of writing this journal is that I get to recall events from the past -- major events such as births of grandchildren, graduations, weddings -- or just causal family events, Christmas tree trimming, picnics, bike rides -- or even something as simple as weather. For example, looking at last year's entry for this date reminded me about attending an amusing performance by a nun who is actor Bill Murray's sister, and about the way Jeremy and his friends like to play beer pong in our garage, and about something as simple as the weather. Last year this day was rainy but very mild with a high in the sixties (and I noted that the day before I had been wearing shorts outside) but today it is sunny but very windy and cold -- the temperature is exactly at freezing but the wind chill effect makes it feel ten degrees colder -- and the forecast calls for temperatures to drop into the teens overnight. There were snow flurries when I brought in the newspaper this morning. This must confuse people who don't understand the difference between climate and weather.

Blasts from the past -- entries from the archives for this date:

And my very first entry was September 26, 1996 -- "A Lunar Eclipse"

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