Definitely autumn -- 11/12/07

It's definitely autumn out there...

And I've been feeling cold the past few days. The temperature inside may be the same as it was a week or two ago, but I feel it as colder because of the colder outside temperatures. The seasonal psychological temperature? The outside temperature is higher today than it was yesterday, but yesterday was all blue sky and sunshine whereas today's sky is gray and overcast. It may be low forties compared with upper thirties, but it looks colder.

Or maybe it is just my haircut.

I had been getting really long and shaggy and Saturday morning I got it cut fairly short -- all afternoon on Saturday I kept feeling as if I should put on a hat or a hooded sweatshirt -- my head was cold. So maybe it is still a lack of head foliage that is making me feel cold?
Before haircut After haircut

The leaves on our oak trees (our lot has oaks along three sides) have finally just about all changed. Oaks don't get very colorful, at least not compared to maples, just sort of brown and tan with a hint of red. And those leaves are very stubborn about falling. Some have fallen but most are still on the trees. It will probably be mid-winter before the branches are mostly bare.

Oak leaves

Today turned into take-down-the-screens-before-winter day. And take the air conditioner out of Jill's window. She was the only one who used an air conditioner this year. Jeremy's air conditioner and the one Nancy and I use both stayed in the basement. It seemed as if we just didn't have enough hot and humid days to make it worthwhile carrying them upstairs and installing them; window fans worked just fine. Jill, however, is very much into playing online games, usually World of Warcraft -- For those of you who are not into such things, in terms of monthly subscribers WoW is the world's largest MMORPG (which stands for massively multiplayer online role-playing game) -- so she can be found late at night in front of her computer, wearing a headset so she can talk with the members of her group as they go on adventures and quests. And thus, she liked to sleep in on summer mornings when she did not have to work, so she liked her air conditioner. Jeremy, on the other hand, went to school all summer, with classes that began at 7:45 a.m. half an hour's drive away, so he had no need for air conditioning in his room.

Even small air conditioners are heavy when you have to lift them out of the window and then carry them down two flights of stairs to the basement. I think I got my workout today with the screens and the air conditioner.

And if the window screens and air conditioners have been put away, it definitely must mean it is autumn.

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