Jump rope -- 10/12/07

I've got a few more pictures from our Sunday in New York to share with you.

For example, pictures of Milo with his grandparents.

I've taken to calling him the baby Sumo wrestler. Doesn't he seem to be a bit on the large size for being eleven weeks old?

In the picture below on the left you can see SpiderSam, uh, I mean SpiderMan.... Sammy is ready for it to be Halloween... And the picture on the right shows you part of the reason why Adam (besides being a vegetarian) stays so slim -- carrying Milo in his stroller down the stairs in a subway station.
Yes, not just down the stairs, he carries him back up the stairs... and in some stations it is more than one flight of stairs up and down... and, as you can see, there are various carry bags and such attached to the stroller.

The last time we visited Nancy noticed some girls playing jump rope in the playground by their apartment towers. Sam seemed to be interested, but these were much older girls -- probably six years old -- who naturally didn't have time for a four year old boy. So when she saw a jump rope in a store she just had to buy it to give to Sam. He was delighted with the rope. He didn't want to do any jumping himself, but he thought that being one of the people turning the rope was lots of fun.
However, although Sam had watched kids playing jump rope, he had never had the opportunity to try it until now. Turning the rope in a big circle so that it just touched the ground at the bottom and was (adult) head high, proved difficult for him.

Then Jill had a clever idea. Instead of actually trying to jump a rope that was describing some kind of sine wave function, she would just jump up and down somewhere around where the rope might be traveling.
This sort of looked like jumping rope and Sam thought it was really a lot of fun.

So we all took turns being the jumper and we all had a good time. (And remember, this was after we had walked somewhere between four and a half and five miles walking to and from subway stations, crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, and wandering that part of Brooklyn).

I was able to get some decent altitude in my jumps. Not too bad for an old guy.
There is a German restaurant near Adam and Leah's that Jill likes. (I said "near" but it is almost a mile away... New Yorkers like Adam & Leah do lots of walking.) It has been a couple of years since Jill has eaten there (maybe three) -- on trip after trip it has seemed that either we were busy with other activities or the weather wasn't right (she likes to sit at their outdoor tables) so she was determined that we could stop there to eat on our way back to Grand Central Station.

We got there and discovered all of their tables were full and there was a line of people on the side walk waiting for a table. We asked how long we would have to wait for a table -- "Probably about two hours" -- It seems that the restaurant was celebrating Octoberfest weekend. Poor Jill... she'll have to wait until next trip (which will probably be too rainy or cold or both for eating outdoors).

The picture on the right shows Eli giving Jill a piggyback ride in the parking lot of a rest stop on I95 near New Haven on our way back home.

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