Eleven years -- 09/26/07

September 26th has come around again, marking another anniversary for my Web page. Eleven years.

Yeah, time flies...

So there I was, this fifty-three year old kid who wanted his own Web page. Actually I had wanted one for a couple of years but all I had at home was AOL (I could get to the real Internet at work). I thought about finding an Internet service provider, but I also needed one that would host my site... and since we were discussing relocating, there didn't seem to be much sense in starting something and then moving and having to find a new provider (and this was back in the days when you got maybe five or ten hours access for your monthly fee and time over that cost more, etc. I figured I'd do something after we moved. Ah, but then it was a new job, a new house, new schools for the kids... My daughter pointed out this company called Geocities that was providing free space for Web pages -- they claimed to have just hit one hundred thousand members -- so in the summer of '96 she made herself a Web page on Geocities (which she abandoned many years ago) and I made one for the soccer team that Nancy and I were coaching (well, Nancy was coaching -- she had actually played on a coed recreational team for a couple of years when she had been working for IBM -- and I was just her assistant coach) and then in September I signed up for my own site on Geocities.

I bought my own domain name and found a hosting service (Verve Hosting) and have been posting there since early summer of 2004. (Yes, I know, I still haven't moved everything over from Geocities.)

So now I'm a sixty-four year old kid who still enjoys his cyber toy.

I still like my first entry (A Lunar Eclipse -- 0/26/96)

Tonight instead of an eclipse we have a Harvest Moon (which, as your television weather forecaster has probably told you, is the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox).

It's a good thing I'm not a farmer back in olden days because I can't see to harvest anything in my garden. Of course I have a lot more tall oak trees blocking the moon light than you would find in a typical farm field. *grin*

I took the photo on the right a little while ago using the zoom lens feature on my digital camera. It doesn't seem to be able to show any lunar features.

I didn't have another September 26th entry until 2000, when I was writing from Oslo, Norway. I noted in passing that it was the 4th anniversary of my journal.

And after that I seem to have posted an entry every September 26th:

Only nine more years to go until I hit the twenty year mark. If this journal lasts that long I sure hope all of you will still be around and reading it...

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