I think it's autumn -- 09/25/07

The calendar says autumn but It still doesn't seem like autumn -- we've been blessed with summer weather lingering on, mild temperatures, mostly sunny days -- it's been quite pleasant.

And so day follows busy day and the next thing I know is ten days have slipped by since I last posted here. (And tomorrow will mark my eleventh journal anniversary. Shame on me for neglecting things this way.)

Keeping busy, what with that RISD class and such... We went four days in a row without eating dinner at home. Last Thursday I had class, so I had to dash off to Providence without dinner (and Nancy was off playing tennis anyway... and I hit traffic jams just outside of the city so I couldn't grab something in town before class... and then a low slow detour on the way back home due to nighttime road work). Friday night Nancy & I worked at the Towers for a wedding reception and didn't get home until almost one o'clock in the morning. Saturday night we went to see a play in Providence and ate dinner out (at Trinity Brew House, just a block from the theatre). And then on Sunday we had dinner at Nancy's mother's house because her mother's sister was visiting.

The play we saw was All the King's Men (Adrian Hall's adaptation of Robert Penn Warren's novel... with music by Randy Newman) the first play of the 2007-08 season at Trinity Rep. What a fantastic start to the season. The cast was great, especially the leads, Mauro Hantman as Jack Burden (the newspaper reporter who gets pulled into Willie Stark's political world and who tells us the story) and Joe Wilson, Jr. as Willie Stark (the rabble-rousing populist governor, based loosely on Governor Huey Long). Hantman had turned in an amazing performance last year as Cyrano de Bergerac and Wilson had been outstanding as El Gallo in The Fantasticks (he is a talented singer as well as an actor).

Today was a physical therapy day... thinking I'm going to get rid of the pulled muscle in my right calf and the bursitis in my left shoulder in a few weeks of stretches and such... So Nancy goes off to a tennis match at six o'clock and a few minutes later I head off on my bicycle to get some exercise riding on the bike path. *sigh* So naturally I manage to hit some sand on pavement while making a sharp right turn and dumped the bike and hit the ground with my left hand and right knee (yeah, I'm not sure how I managed to do that but somehow I did) and ended up with a scraped knee. I can't remember dumping a bike like that since I was a kid. I rode two or three more miles (my knee didn't seem to be bleeding too badly) and when I did get home I discovered that we had some jumbo sized square bandages that were just right for my knee. Then, when I began to fix dinner I realized how sore my left wrist and hand were so I kept sticking my left hand in a bowl of ice cubes and water. Now it's after 10 p.m. and my left wrist is definitely complaining about not wanting to type any more tonight.... so that's the end of this entry.

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