The middle of September -- 09/15/07

We've reached the middle of September already.

My goodness, these months are getting to be entirely too short.

Tiger keeps finding new favorite places for naps. For the past couple of weeks he has been doing a lot of napping on the futon here in my den/office. I had left my light weight nylon shell jacket on the futon and he decided that would make a delightful napping surface.

Thursday was a busy day. Nancy had the day off -- school closed for Rosh Hashanah -- so I took a vacation day so we could spend some time together.

Of course, the morning was medical -- I had an appointment with my cardiologist.

I got yelled at.

Oh, okay, not exactly, but he was not pleased with my blood pressure. Too high. Now partly this was perhaps a bit of weight gain due to lack of sufficient working out and running due to my various pains and muscle injuries (which, hopefully, will be taken care of by my up-coming series of physical therapy appointments plus the ibuprofin I'm taking) and partly due to work stress (i.e., a rush to complete work on a very large course a couple of days earlier than planned, so that I had been working until midnight on Wednesday night), The result was that he has left my basic prescription the same, but has added a second medication to be taken for the next two months and then I'm to come back for another examination to see if my blood pressure gets down to where it should be.

Nancy's sister Clara came up to Rhode Island for a visit. She got to Rhode Island and met us for lunch at Champlin's Seafood and then we spent most of the afternoon sitting in beach chairs chatting, soaking up the sunshine, watching the waves and the birds and the boats...

Here are some of the gulls resting on a roof by Champlin's, waiting for the next fishing boat to come past.
And, of course, we can't go to the beach without taking a long walk along the shore... In fact, Nancy was saying that we've got to get back into taking long beach walks this fall.

(Yeah, I know... you've seen this guy before...)

We had set our chairs up at Salty Brine State Beach and we walked from there to Roger Wheeler State Beach and back (the reverse order of a walk I showed back in May.)


I just got home in time to wash up and change clothes and head off to Providence for the course I'm taking at RISD this semester. Not a drawing course this time. It's a combination of art and technology called Design for the Screen. It covers computer hardware and software and design theory and technique, etc. for Web sites and computer games and videos, etc. So now you know where I'll be spending three hours every Thursday night (plus commuting time). And, after working on PCs since they began, I now find myself in a classroom filled with Apples. (These are very high end Macs... each has two 21 inch flat panel displays. Very cool. Now if I can just overcome years of PC-reflexes and figure out how these things work... Yeah, yeah, I know, just surrender to the Borg and realize that Apples are intuitively easy to use. Uh huh. Ever try to drive in England after a life time of sitting in the left seat and driving on the right side of the road?) It does appear to a useful and enjoyable course. I had enrolled online, only to get a call the next day telling me that the course was filled but they would put me on a waiting list... but then a week or so later they called me back to say that they were opening a second section to meet the demand. (This course is a required prerequisite for many other courses.)

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