Sunday with Sam -- 07/09/07

Sam in the playground by his apartment building. (Somewhere I have a photograph of Adam in just about exactly the same pose as in the right-hand picture taken at just about the same age.)

We went to a Two Boots pizza shop where Sam had a special pizza. They usually make pizza for kids with a smiley face (or some kind of funny face) on it but because Sam was wearing a SpiderMan shirt they drew a spider web design on his pizza. (Their pizza is pretty good; so are their Po'Boy sandwiches -- what we call grinders in Rhode Island and you might call subs or heroes).

On summer weekends there are farmer's market tables set up in their neighborhood (yes, right in the middle of Manhattan) -- Sam is watching a display of a hive of live bees at a table where a beekeeper is selling jars of honey.
Sam getting a ride on Adam's shoulders. (You can see the beekeeper's tent and table behind Adam & Leah.)

Yes, although Leah doesn't really look it (unless she turns sideways), "Baby Brother" is due around August 2nd.
Below -- playing with Sam's Thomas the Tank Engine railroad...
Below -- Adam giving Sam a ride in the air...
Adam and Sam are on their way to Madison Square Garden to see a New York Liberty WNBA basketball game while Nancy and I are on our way to Grand Central Station to catch a train out of the city... we're taking taking the A Train out of Delancey Street (yes, I know, the A Train doesn't go through there but apparently for some reason on Sunday afternoons it does cover part of the F Train route).

Sam is noticeably taller than he was just a few months ago -- but, after all, he is just a week and a half away from his 4th birthday.

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