Father's Day -- 06/17/07

Gillian and Jeremy and Nancy got together and got me a really cool Olympus camera (Olympus FE-230) to replace the camera that I drowned in wine last weekend. I can't believe how small this thing is, extremely thin and the body size is, I think, dictated by the desire to have a large display screen. Most of the back side of the camera is taken up by the screen.

I'm going to have to spend a bit of time reading the manual and practicing with the camera so that I have some kind of idea what I am doing. I'm charging the battery now and I am way too tired to stay up and play with it tonight; in fact, as soon as I finish writing this I am going to bed.

Our original plans for today had been to go down to New York City to grandson Sam (and to visit Adam and Leah). Adam had a piece in an art show that is closing next week and I had hoped to see the exhibit (although I have seen photographs, that's not quite the same thing). However, this morning about quarter to six, Adam phoned (confusing me because the phone was ringing at the same time that my alarm clock was going off and the combination of sounds did not make sense to me) to say that Sammy woke up in the middle of the night with a cough and a sore throat -- so we postponed our visit until some very-near-future weekend (just have to go over calendars). As Adam noted, they will be home every weekend for a while because Leah is very pregnant... early August due date. Yes, that's right, Sam is going to have a little brother and I'm going to have another grandson.

So I spent some quality time this morning with the Sunday paper and then went grocery shopping and then did some garden work and then made lunch for Nancy and me and then did some more grocery shopping and then (by which time it was after five o'clock) did a little workout with weights and then went for a run along the bike path, getting in a three and a half mile run.

Thursday night Jill and I had one of our dinner and theatre nights -- went up to Sakura in Providence for some tasty Japanese food and then over to 2nd Story Theatre in Warren to see their production of William Inge's Bus Stop. It was a marvelous production with a first rate cast and a delightfully realistic set. Usually 2nd Story uses minimal sets, frequently playing on a bare stage with just a few pieces of furniture, but every once in a while they put together a very real set. 2nd Story is a small theatre, seating no more than 100 to 120 people (depending on how things are set up -- they frequently do theatre in the round... or square... or rectangle, with the audience partially surrounding the actors). They are doing two plays during the coming summer season (Born Yesterday and State of the Union) and Jill and I need to figure out our schedule so I can order tickets. There are some things happening at TrinityRep this summer as well that I'd like to get to see.

Yesterday Nancy and I went to a retirement dinner for one of her co-workers and then I went along with her while she bought a couple of summer dresses on the way home. The annual 8th Grade Social at her school is coming on Tuesday night. She bought a very sharp looking black dress and wondered if it looked a bit too formal to wear to the 8th grade party.

It's almost eleven o'clock and I can barely keep my eyes open. Hope you all have had a pleasant almost-summer weekend (except for those of you in places like Australia who are, I hope, have enjoyed a pleasant late fall weekend). Good night.

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