Here and there -- 06/08/07

Nancy loves to play tennis. Naturally, we are now coming into her favorite time of year... But she also plays indoor tennis autumn through spring. Since the indoor season has come to an end, last night (Thursday) we got together for dinner with some of the women she plays with during the indoor season.
The indoor tennis facility where they play is in the Warwick area, so we met at a restaurant in the Warwick area -- Chelo's (a Rhode Island chain of ten restaurants) in the Apponaug area on Greenwich Bay (an inlet of Narraganset Bay). Frankly, other than being a Rhode Island chain, Chelo's is just another version of Applebee's, TGIFridays, etc. -- but this particular restaurant has a fantastic waterfront location in an area filled with marinas.

We ate on one of their covered outdoor patios with a view of Greenwich Bay. Add some lively conversations and it was a very pleasant time.
This is me by some of the boats moored in the marina in front of the restaurant -- one of several marinas in that area (and, with I'd guess somewhere around 160 or 170 boats, it was not the largest).

I've got to lose weight!

Actually, I have taken off a little bit of weight during the past few weeks -- but the emphasis is on little -- because I really need to lose at least ten pounds. (I'd love to lose more, but I'm trying to be realistic here.)

That was last night. This afternoon after work we went to a surprise party for one of Nancy's co-workers who had recently married (the newly-wed had thought that she was coming to a baby shower for another teacher). As we walked into the party I looked around and realized that I was the only male in a group of two dozen or so women. Two male faculty members showed up shortly after that so I didn't feel quite so out of place.

Then a quick stop at a rummage sale at St Francis of Assisi church on High Street because Nancy is always looking for stuff she can use in her classroom. (I assume that our High Street was named because some of the early English settlers thought it might become the most important street for shopping and business -- but Main Street is our shopping street and has been, I believe, since the early days of the village -- so perhaps High Street got its name simply because it tends to go uphill?). And then a quick grocery stop and then home to fix dinner and watch a couple of episodes from season two of 24 and sip a couple glasses of wine and relax our way into the weekend. Hope your weekend will be a good one.

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