A June dawn -- 06/02/07

Yes, I let another couple of weeks go by without an entry. I've got to stop doing that.

My last entry was May 15th... and I had actually started a May 16th entry ("A pair of birthdays" -- so named because Jill's and Jeremy's birthdays are six days apart), selected half a dozen photographs of their respective parties (playing beer pong in the garage and Guitar Hero on PlayStation2... but got interrupted by something... (no, not a person from Porlock, nor am I Coleridge) and then was busy with this and that and the other thing (as Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say. "It's always something!").

Well, now that I've started writing about it, let me stick in some of those photographs...

Here are Jeremy and Jill teamed up in a beer pong game... yes, Jeremy is multi-tasking here, having a telephone conversation while playing beer pong.

This was part of Jeremy's party (although he had also set up the garage for beer pong for Jill's party).
And this is Jill playing the Guitar Hero game.

And, while I am at it, I suppose I should show the birthday cakes...

Nancy made a medieval castle for Jill (since Jill is a great fan of fantasy novels, fantasy role-playing games, and online medieval adventures).

Jeremy has never been very fond of cake so Nancy has always baked him a birthday cookie (the size of a large pizza)... This year she decorated it to look like the caricature self-portrait that Jeremy had drawn on an Easter egg this spring.

So I suppose I should show you some of the Easter eggs as well...

I did the floral egg (upper right corner) and I think Katie (Jeremy's girlfriend) did the one to the left of it; Jeremy did the self-caricature; and Jill did the rest of the ones shown here.

Oh, and that dawn photograph is from earlier this morning. Jill had to be to work at six o'clock this morning so even though today is a Saturday, I got up early to make sure she was up... (This was not as difficult as getting up at four o'clock on Thursday morning to be sure Nancy got to work on time for the 8th grade class trip to New York City.)

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