Last day -- 05/10/07

Today may have been my last day of driving to the office.

Middletown shares Aquidneck Island with the Town of Portsmouth and the City of Newport. To get there I have to cross the Jamestown Bridge (the neighbor to the one that they blew up last year -- see Blowing up a bridge 04/17/06 and What a blast! 04/20/06).

This picture is on the second bridge I have to cross, the Newport Bridge. As you might expect in a coastal area, we can get a bit of morning fog.
I started working in this building on October 16, 1995 and made that daily commute across those bridges until about four years ago. Instead of working from home once in a while, I began to do it a day or two each week... then I began going to the office once a week, then maybe once every two or three weeks... Now they're closing this site, so I will be working from home every single day.

My desk is empty, my file cabinets are empty, everything has either been discarded or brought home. I finished my final emptying and discarding a bit past eleven, stuck my laptop into my backpack and left the office for what will probably be the last time. (So when I do eventually retire -- which I hope is still a few years away -- there will be no formal "last day at the office." Today was my last day.)
When I was a full-time Dilbert cube dweller, I would sometimes come down to this beach -- Easton's Beach (usually called "First Beach" by locals -- to run at lunchtime. I took this picture standing at the western end of the beach with Newport's Cliff Walk behind me. The beach is a bit over half a mile long, the far end lost in the fog. (If you look closely just above the soccer players you can almost see the upper edge of a Ferris wheel at a carnival that is camped in one of the beach parking lots.) [Google space photo of beach]

And then I headed home...
Driving in bright sunshine on a bridge that disappeared into pale white fog as it crossed Narragansett Bay.

This is something I have seen a number of times -- sometimes the fog looks almost solid white, but today it was already burning off (well, it was almost twelve noon) so the effect was more that of a bridge that just disappeared rather than of a bridge leading to a white cloud.

The picture below shows how the superstructure of the bridge finally appeared out of the mist (although it still looks a bit ghostly).

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