Winter is almost gone -- 03/09/07

It has been very cold this week. Low temperatures have repeatedly fallen into single digits and on a couple of days winds in the twenty to thirty mile an hour range (with stronger gusts) have made the wind chill factor fall into negative numbers. This morning's low temperature was in the high single digits (about minus thirteen C) and this afternoon it has risen to the upper twenties with bright sunshine.

Winter is almost over -- tomorrow and Sunday are going to have highs in the mid-forties and although there's a chance of rain both days, we should have some sunshine both days.

Good-bye, winter, see you again in December.

Yesterday afternoon at our house...

Left -- Jill studying Shakespeare while Tiger keeps her feet warm.

Top -- Jeremy installs new speakers in his car.

Right -- man-eating car strikes again!.

Actually that is Jeremy's friend Brian working under his car while parked in front of our driveway.

In the picture of Jeremy installing new speakers... he is lying down where the rear seat would be, with his head and arms inside the trunk. He completely removed the entire seat before starting work. He positioned new left and right rear suspended speakers plus moved the floor-mounted subwoofer back an inch or two and fastened everything more securely (and rattle-free) than before. When he finished and replaced the seats they looked as if they had never been disturbed... and the sounds are better than ever.

I bought a new pair of running shoes at Camire's Running Soles (Belmont Plaza, Main Street, Wakefield, RI) -- Brooks Beasts (size 11 1/2 medium width).

I'm beginning to get excited about running again... and have been picking out various races that I want to run.

A lot of them are races I have run in the past -- the James Joyce Ramble 10k (coming on my birthday), the South County Hospital Run for Your Health 5k, Camire's 4 for the 4th (a four miler), etc. There is also a race coming in September that has me fascinated -- the Ocean State Mile -- which is billing itself as "the world's fastest mile" because it is a one mile straight course (and there is a very slight downgrade from start to finish) -- most miles are raced on running tracks and obviously if you could go straight instead of having to make turn after turn you could go a little bit faster. If you go to their site, click the link to their course description -- there is a satellite photo of the course -- the Galilee Escape Road (so named because that is how people in Galilee and Great Island would evacuate in case of a hurricane) -- if you look in the upper right corner of that picture, that channel from the ocean into Point Judith Salt Pond is the site of those Blessing of the Fleet pictures I had posted.

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