A walk on a beach -- 03/04/07

Nancy's sister Sue was in Rhode Island yesterday and she called to suggest that we meet for a walk on a beach... so we went over to Narragansett Town Beach for a very pleasant stroll on the beach. [If you're interested, if you go to GoogleMaps and enter Narragansett Beach, R.I. in the search field it will take you there -- click Satellite and then zoom in closer -- you'll get a good view of the mile long beach. This beach, by the way, is where I did the New Year's Day swim in 2004 and 2005.]
Yesterday was very mild -- it was warmer inland, in the upper forties, maybe even 50 degrees (9 or 10 C). Although it did not feel nearly that warm at the beach, not with very brisk winds sweeping across that cold water, it was still a pleasant day for a walk on the beach.

Narragansett Beach, especially at its southern end, is a favorite spot for local surfers because of its waves. The strong winds had the surf up and there were several surfers in wet suits enjoying the waves. (Not having a telephoto lens, I didn't bother to try to get pictures of them.)
Here's a picture of Nancy and me on the beach. You can see how strong the winds were by the way my hair was blowing. (*sigh* You can also see how much extra forehead I'm getting. Ah well, hair today, gone tomorrow.)

Trivia: about three miles north-northwest behind us is Indian Lake -- sung about by the Cowsills in their 1968 hit...
Indian Lake is a scene
You should make with your little one
Keep it in mind if you're lookin to find
A place in the summer sun
Swim in the cove
have a snack in the grove
The TV show the Partridge Family was based on/inspired by the story of the Cowsills family.
This is at the northern end of the beach.

If you were looking at the Google map of the beach, those rock ledges in the middle left of the picture are separated from the beach by an inlet known as The Narrows (which leads in to Pettaquamscutt Cove). The tip of that point of land is about 400 yards from where I am standing taking this photograph.

And then below is a big photograph because I like taking pictures like this one.

By the time we had gone down to the far end of the beach and then came back to where we had started, there were clouds moving in. (Although we got to see part of the lunar eclipse that evening, these clouds blocked the show for a lot of people along the New England coast.)

That's the silhouette of the Narragansett Towers that I've mentioned on numerous occasions here. (And if you are looking at the Google view from space, if you look just a short way down from the southern tip of the beach, you will see the Towers standing astride Ocean Road.)

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