Winter wonderland -- 02/26/07

The phone rang a few minutes past five this morning.

It was the recorded voice of the Superintendent of Schools for our town, calling via the school systems automated phone system with a message: due to the overnight snow, the start of school was being delayed one hour.

I peeked out the front window... yes, the neighborhood was coated in white... (this picture was taken about an hour later, around dawn)
Our backyard had pretty much the same winter wonderland look as the front.

The television weather person said "one to three inches along the coast" -- which certainly usually descrbes us and that is what I expected to find. But when I went out to shovel the driveway I discovered that it was really closer to four inches of wet, heavy snow.

Heavy shoveling... the kind of snow that likes to stick to the shovel...
The bright spots and circles are not miniature UFOs; they are snowflakes reflecting the light of my flash.

Tiger likes to sit by windows and watch the outside world... but even better he likes to sit by an open window and watch and smell the outside world. Here he is at a window, watching (and sniffing) the backyard. (He didn't spend all day at it; the window was only open fifteen or twenty minutes.)

Had an appointment with my cardiologist this morning. My blood pressure is a bit higher than he would like to see it, but not so high that he wants to increase or change my medication. He agrees that I should get rid of some weight -- he thought 190 would be a good target -- and he'd like to see me again in August to see what my blood pressure would be like if I weighted 190 or so.

What with shoveling the driveway, driving Nancy to work (so I could have her car to drive myself to my doctor's appointment), going back out to finish shoveling the sidewalk, etc., There were a couple of times today when I just tossed my coat on the couch here in my den/office because I would be putting it back on soon. Twice I had to lift a napping Tiger from my coat so I could put it on.

Tonight, when I came in to sit down in my office-style chair to write this, I found Tiger settling down for another nap.

He seemed quite put out at being disturbed, giving me a this-is-my-chair look.

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