Friday snow -- 02/02/07

So after a December that seemed more like a continuation of autumn and half of January seeming to continue along those same unseasonable lines, January shifted into more seasonable temperatures and here we are on February 2nd with a definite wintery look to things.

This picture was taken about seven a.m., after I had just spent about fifteen minutes clearing the right side of the driveway (so Nancy could get out) and the sidewalk. As you can see, these big fat flakes were falling at a quick enough rate to already cover over where I had first shoveled. It snowed for another hour or so.

This is the kind of snow that is great for snowballs and snowmen and snow forts. Well, maybe not the snow forts because it barely comes to three inches so there's not enough to build a snow fort, but it sure is good packing snow. The forecast said we have a chance of light snow showers this evening but it got mild enough here along the coast for tonight's light snow showers to come down as rain, although it could still turn back to snow if the cold front moves in while we are still getting the precipitation.

There's no real snow forecast for the next week (slight chance of snow showers on Tuesday) but today is the warmest day for the next week, so I had thought today's snow would stick around to give us a wintery look to go with a week of below freezing temperatures, but already much of the snow has been washed away by the rain.

Tomorrow is Nancy's birthday. We are going out for dinner and then to TrinityRep for their production of Our Town -- which got a rave review in this morning's newspaper. Tonight we had a little dinner celebration at home, with her mother and two of her sisters and a brother-in-law over for dinner. (Jill got home from work around eight; Jeremy has gone over to see Katie at her college and will be back tomorrow.). I took the afternoon off from work to do the cooking and such for that (nothing too elaborate -- veggies and dip, shrimp cocktail, a spinach salad, and chicken parmesan) -- oh, and some sangria blanco.that I mixed up last night (chardonnay, brandy, sugar, apple cider, orange juice, and lemon juice with sliced up strawberries, a banana, sliced orange, peach, and lemon, and a few green seedless grapes -- mixed, chilled overnight, then mixed with some club soda and poured into a sangria pitcher Nancy's sister Clara had given us) to remind us of the cruise we had taken together last February.

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