Ephemeral -- 01/23/07

We did get a slight amount of snow overnight. Nothing much, no more than half an inch, perhaps not even that much. I didn't bring a ruler with me when I went out to clear the driveway, but it only took about fifteen minutes to clear the driveway and the sidewalks and clear off my car and Jill's car and scrape her windshield (my car had not moved since Sunday afternoon, but Jill's car had been driven last night so her windshield ended up icy).

I looked out from our dining room at the pattern of light and shadow and the empty spaces on our back deck and thought it was an interesting enough pattern to make it worth taking a picture...

Then, later in the day, I again looked out and saw the changed angle of the shadows and the way the snow was melting and grabbed my camera and snapped another picture.
And then late in the afternoon I took another picture.
And thus the title of today's entry -- Ephemeral...

This is really sort of a side comment between Bonnie and me. She had posted a picture showing her knives being held by a magnetic rack and I commented that such a thing would make me very nervous and she commented on my last entry that she didn't have a knife block nor any spare counter space to put one if she had it. This is a picture of the three blocks of knives found in my kitchen. The left block is Jeremy's, holding knives he purchased a year or two ago from the knife sharpening outfit that serviced a pizza restaurant he where he was working at the time. (He's still cooking pizza (and calzones and Buffalo wings, etc.) but at a different restaurant.)

Nancy had a vestry meeting at church tonight but Jill showed up just after Nancy left and started to play her DVD of Serenity -- it is one of her favorite movies. Actually, it's one that Nancy and I also really enjoyed and I couldn't resist watching most of it (plus some of the extra features). I'd rate it as definitely one of the ten best science fiction movies (certainly far superior to any of the Start Trek movies and I think also better than all but the very first of the Star Wars movies). The TV series -- Firefly -- that had started things off was excellent and I still wish they would make more episodes, if not for TV, then for the straight-to-DVD market. I'd certainly buy it.

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