Full frontal -- 12/18/06

I posted a picture of the white Christmas lights on our front porch in Saturday's entry. Bonnie asked "Now how about a full front view?" Okay, here is a full frontal view...

The lawn in front of the house used to go all the way to the trees along the property line but a few years ago we tore up the whole thing and put down new sod (here and here), but only on half of the area in front of the house, the rest we turned into a flower garden with a big boulder in it (well, we didn't put the boulder there, some passing glacier took care of that for us thousands of years ago).

Here's a September view of the boulder with flowers, looking towards the street (all the other photos were taken yesterday or today).

Our front porch...

I love front porches -- I think front porches are vital features on a house, both practically and aesthetically.

The colors on our house are not easy to define. It was originally more of a pink color with white trim.

We had it painted this spring and had the main color darkened and made richer, giving it more of a Victorian feel. The window and porch trim was made a cream color and the windows, the garage doors, the railings, the porch floor, and the front door were all painted a teal green.

We like the results, but the exact shade changes depending on sun and shadow.

In the true old-time New England style, only the front of the house is painted; the back and both sides are shingle, stained a medium light tan -- it had been darker but we had it done in a lighter shade when we had the house painted. In colonial times and into the early 19th century (at least as I understand it, but remember that I am not an architectural historian), smoothly planed clapboards and paint were expensive, so you made the front of the house the part to impress passers-by and were less ornate about the rest of the house. Our house is vintage 1995, so it's not exactly historic. Any house requires maintenance -- almost constant maintenance -- our previous house had been build around 1917 and it seemed as if we were constantly fixing something or getting ready to fix something.

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