No tree yet -- 12/05/06

We didn't get a tree today. Just ran out of time -- well, actually, what we did was run out of daylight.

Jill and I were going to get one after she finished classes for the day but what neither of us allowed for was how quickly the daylight hours come to an end at this time of year.

She got here about 3:30 but had not yet had lunch and asked if she had time to eat something. Sure, no problem, it's only 3:30. So she popped some stuff in the oven. Later, as she was almost finished eating, I looked out the kitchen window and realized that the sun was sinking toward the horizon -- sunset today was at 4:16 -- and by the time we could get to the tree farm, they would be closing due to darkness.

While her food was still in the oven, Jill had been playing with Tiger -- he is behind the shelves that are holding the plants and Jill is teasing him with a cat toy (feathers on the end of a long stick).

The picture does show where we will put the tree once we actually get one -- a couple of times we have put it directly in front of the windows, but most years we have it more towards the left corner of the room and that's where I think we'll have it this year. (We also had it in the den once or twice, but there isn't enough room there now that it has become my office.)

Below you see Jill approaching the wild cave cat, a fearless predator.

When Tiger was a kitten, just three or four months old, I would crawl around our living room on my hands and knees and he would stalk me and then suddenly leap out from behind the coffee table and attack. We used to have a lot of fun. Well, we still do, but these days it seems as if when he goes from the floor to my lap to my desk and walks across my keyboard, he is mostly trying to get me to follow him to his feeding area so he can hint that he would like me to open a can of cat food or to add some more dry food to his dry food dish.

He'll play with me for a little while, but I'm primarily his food services staff while Jill is his sister and his playmate.

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