July at our house -- 07/22/06

I actually did start an entry last weekend but just did not have time to finish it and post it... July has just been a very busy time around here.

My last entry (July 12th -- but which I mistakenly dated July 11th when it was first posted) was mostly written just before dashing off to have dinner at Nancy's mother's house with Nancy's eldest brother and his wife and three of his four kids and his grand-daughter (plus Nancy's Rhode Island sister and her family) -- finish the entry and post it later that night -- and then the next night have all of those people over here for dinner
This was, naturally, just about the hottest and most humid day of the summer -- and it was also raining on and off all day so we couldn't make use of outdoors -- so clever Nancy grabbed our three room-sized air conditioners and put one in the kitchen, one in the living room, and one in the den. This lowered temperatures to tolerable levels and, perhaps more importantly, reduced the humidity, so we were able to have a comfortable evening and a wonderful visit. (Nancy's eldest brother & family live in the Chicago area, so they don't pop over to Rhode Island on a regular basis.)      
The menu: The usual pre-dinner veggies & dip followed by clams casino and stuffed portobello mushrooms for appetizers, a spinach & strawberry & walnut salad and a mesclum mix salad with red onions, spiedie-marinated chicken on skewers with grape tomatoes and chunks of zuchinni and peppers (green, red, yellow)... and (hmmm, memory is slipping) Nancy made lemon squares for dessert and something else plus something Jill had baked.

That Friday night we worked a wedding at The Towers (which meant we had worked on three out of the past four weekends)... and then on Saturday Nancy had a tennis match and I put in about six hours of work (in order to finish a "rush" project) and on Sunday I did a lot of garden work... and so it goes. I think either that Saturday or that Sunday we went to Nancy's mother's house for dinner (with yet more visiting syblings... remember, Nancy's parents had ten kids)... whichever night it was, I did try to write an entry when we got home but was too tired and watched television with Nancy instead. We have HBO On Demand service and this month have probably watched television five or six nights, using the ability to select a movie or a comedy special... if you ignore major tennis events (Wimbledon and the U.S., French, & Australian Opens), this is much more television than we usually watch. So, in a sense, this page has been neglected due to Cinderella Man and Must Love Dogs and George Carlin comedy specials.

One of the things I had wanted to show a week ago was a visiting rabbit... these rabbit pictures are not the ones I took. Jill spotted our visiting rabbit again during the week and got pictures that were better than the ones I had taken.

And I also wanted to show a couple of shots of some of Nancy's flowers.

And also a couple of shots of my garden... grapes in the left picture and cucumbers on the right... It's not harvest time yet, but...

Last night Nancy and I went to watch a niece performing in Anything Goes -- put on by FantasyWorks, a summer theatre program for kids (they have a series for ages 7-14 and another for 14-19) that does fantastic work.

Tonight Nancy and Jill and I are going to 2nd Story Theatre -- for this summer they have returned to the concept they used in their first couple of summers -- present a collection of short one-act plays under the banner of "Short Attention Span Theatre." (They say that if a particular play doesn't work for yu, don't worry, another one will be along in just a few minutes.) This summer is ogranized into three "waves" or collections of plays. We are going to see Wave 1 tonight, seven short plays (including one by Christopher Durang and two by Shel Silverstein).

Tomorrow we are heading into New York to visit Adam & Leah & Sammy... Thursday was his third birthday! Time flies!

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