Glorious Spring --  05/17/06

The rains have ended.

Monsoon season is over.

The sun is shining.

Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this sun of York;
And all the clouds that lour'd upon our house
In the deep bosom of the ocean buried.
Richard III, Act 1, Scene 1

(Yes, I know, he was not talking about the weather and it says "summer" instead of "spring" but...)

And although my particular little corner of New England was not seriously threatened by floods (R.I. had some flooding problems but nothing comparable to Massachusetts and New Hampshire and Maine), there was a tremendous psychological burden by day after day of dark, gloomy, cloudy, chilly, soaking, rainy weather.

There is a huge psychological relief, a great weight lifted... even though I am still as swamped with stuff to do as ever...

Jill's birthday (24) was a week ago today. We had a simple celebration at home, just Nancy and me (Jeremy had to work) and Eli and Jill's friend Dierdre. Dinner (per the birthday girl's request) was chicken pot pie and that spinach-strawberry-walnut salad that is so popular in our house.
Jill had asked for a dinosaur cake. Nancy couldn't find a dinosaur shaped cake pan so I looked on the Internet and found dinosaur pans available but also found various examples of cutting up a cake and rearranging the pieces to make it look like a dinosaur -- so that's what we did.

Oh... yes, of course Tiger was at the party also...

Friday night Nancy and I drove up to Providence to Trinity Rep to see their production of Boots on the Ground -- a play distilled from interviews with Rhode Islanders who have served in Iraq (and their loved ones), with five (very talented) actors portraying twenty-five characters with a wide variety of thoughts and view points. It was excellent.

Saturday night Jill had a dozen friends over for what has become her traditional birthday celebration of food, drink, and game-playing. I did my part by preparing a platter of cut up vegetables for dipping and then dashed off at three to supervise the caterer setting up for a wedding reception at the Bungalow.
If you follow that link you will find yourself at a test version of a new Web site I'm creating -- at a new domain I registered, southcountyscenes.com -- to hold pages relating to Kinney Bungalow and the Narragansett Towers, etc. Right now the photographs there are ones you've seen here at various times over the past couple of years but I plan to add more as time goes on. This way there will be a central place where, for example, people who are interested in having their wedding at one of these historic buildings could get some idea of what it might look like. And for those of you who are new to this journal, the Town of Narragansett owns a couple of historic buildings that are available for things like weddings and Nancy and I (sort of like a hobby, I guess, although we do get a small amount of hourly pay) sometimes serve as attendants at these functions, sort of as a combination of museum docents and protectors of the buildings.
Nancy joined me there about 4:30 and we didn't get home until around midnight (which, actually, was pretty good -- it was a relatively small wedding and the caterers were very quick and efficient in cleaning up).
I think Jill's party went on past four in the morning but Nancy and I just said hello, had a glass of wine, said goodnight, and went to bed.

That drawing course I am taking at RISD is on Monday nights. At first I used to dash up to Providence and grab a sandwich at a Subway or something before class, but then I switched to eating something at home instead. So Mondays mean finish work and run into the kitchen and fix dinner and eat and then I'm off to Providence to try to find a parking space somewhere on College Hill within a few blocks of my class and dash up the stairs to the classroom usually a couple of minutes late. I can't believe there is only one more class session left. This course has been so enjoyable (the instructor is excellent) -- and also a lot of work. I think I have put more time and effort into this course than almost any class I've ever taken (except for a few programming courses that just ate up hour after hour of time). In fact, I am taking a vacation day tomorrow to work on the final assignment because there just are not enough hours in my normal days to get the work done. (I've not been neglecting this Web site out of lack of interest or lack of things to say -- I've just not had enough free time.)

This is birthday season around here. (Me on April 29th, Gillian on May 10th, Jeremy on May 16th.)

Our baby is now 21!

Last night Nancy and I took Jeremy and Katie out to dinner at the Mews Tavern to celebrate his birthday, then back home for his birthday cookie (Jeremy has never been fond of cake, so Nancy always makes him a giant birthday cookie) and then he and Katie went to his place for a birthday celebration with his friends. (He and some buddies have been sharing a house as a winter rental -- but Jeremy will be moving back home in a week or so because Memorial Day weekend means the start of summer time tourist season along the coast and that means the monthly rent on these houses will become the weekly rental fee.)

And life continues to be busy... Friday night Nancy and I will be back at Kinney Bungalow to cover another event, Saturday will be busy (can't say anything about it because it involves a surprise for someone who reads this), Monday night is my drawing class and Tuesday night I'll be taking a three hour defibrillator course (The Towers and Kinney Bungalow are getting defibrillators). Nancy will be taking that class on Monday night while I'm in my art class because she has two tennis matches on Tuesday (her winter indoor doubles league followed by her spring singles outdoor league).

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