Spring ahead --  04/02/06


Up early this morning... thanks to springing ahead one hour to daylight savings time, I was up before dawn...
I was up a few minutes before six a.m. -- the picture was taken about ten minutes past six -- and the official time for dawn here is 6:27 EDT.

Of course my brain and body were still on standard time so it felt as if I were getting up a little before five a.m.


I was up that early on a Sunday morning because Nancy had to be at church by 7:30... (Yes, somehow I have become the family alarm clock.)

I got downstairs just about the time Jill was pulling into the driveway. She ate a dish of cereal and went to take a nap, asking me to wake her up at 7:30 because she had to be at work at eight. Ah, youth...

Oh, speaking of dawn... here's a picture of dawn at Miami, Florida... taken from the balcony of our room on the Norwegian Jewel at the conclusion of our cruise in February...
I rather liked this shot.

The sun had risen from the horizon between those two high-rise buildings, just at the edge of the right-hand one, and I waited a few minutes for it to rise a bit further on its arc and pass behind that building, yielding the picture I had been waiting for.

I went to donate blood yesterday morning and discovered that our stop on Roatan Island disqualifies me from donating blood for one year. Apparently Honduras and the Bay Islands are off limits due to concerns about malaria. (The other islands we visited were okay; it was those five or six hours on Roatan that disqualified me.)

Friday night I made a spinach salad (baby spinach, walnuts, snow peas, strawberries, and red onion with raspberry hazelnut vinaigrette dressing) -- actually, I made two bowls of salad: one to take to a pot-luck dinner at Nancy's church and one for Jill to bring to a friend's birthday party.

So last night, since I still had enough spinach left (along with the other ingredients) to make a salad for Nancy and Jill and me, I did it again, except this time I also put in some cucumber slices. That is the salad pictured on the right.

For our meal, this was followed by whole wheat angel hair pasta with a tomato sauce that included zucchini (as well as the usual onions and peppers, etc.) and boneless chicken breast that had been marinated (for three days!) in spiedie sauce. (I use Salamida's State Fair Spiedie Sauce because I like the taste and because it is easier than making my own.)

We ate a bit early (for us) because Nancy and I then went to her school to see Oklahoma! performed by the students. Given that the oldest students there might have just celebrated a 14th birthday and many of the sixth grade students are still just eleven (this is a middle school, grades six through eight), you aren't going to confuse this with a Broadway production, but the kids really did a good job.

I think it is marvelous that the kids get this experience -- for some of the eighth-graders, this was their third annual production -- and one has to give great credit to the long hours and hard work put in by the woman who organizes and runs this activity and to her helpers and also to the students involved.

Well, since I finally used that dawn-over-Miami photograph, I guess I am finished with cruise pictures (yes, skipping an entire island -- maybe I'll save them for the first really cold day or first snowfall next winter) except there is one picture that I just have to post. On our flight down there, while waiting for a connecting flight (in Cincinnati) Jeremy just stretched out on the floor and went to sleep. On the way back home, waiting in the Miami airport Jeremy again took a nap on the floor...

We were there too early to even check in for our flight. Once we were able to check in (and thus get our boarding passes and be assured of our seats) we left the airport for what I think of as our hundred dollar movie -- that is, we took a cab to a shopping mall, watched a trashy movie (Date Movie -- a spoof of romantic comedies -- but it did make us laugh and it did help pass the time) and wandered around the mall and then took a cab back -- and those cab rides were expensive.

Okay, I've got a zillion things to do today so I'm out of here...

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