Roatan --  03/16/06

Continuing with some more Caribbean pictures..

The first (of four) stops our ship made was at Coxen Hole on the Island of Roatan, Honduras. (Roatan is a long, thin island, about 34 miles long and up to about four miles wide in places -- the largest of the Bay Islands in the Western Caribbean, about sixty miles off the mainland.. Originally British, Roatan is now part of Honduras.)

Most of Roatan is still fairly rural -- we were stuck for a while in a cattle traffic jam (this only shows part of the herd; must have been fifty or sixty cows being herded along the road from one pasture to another.) Uh, and yes, this is the main road. We are in a van we hired to take us on a tour of the island -- I just stuck my arm way out the window and snapped the picture without being able to look through the view finder because the rest of me was in the van.
We stopped for a visit to Fantasy Island -- a resort hotel noted for its beautiful beach and excellent Scuba diving. (And yes, to the confusion of the kids, we "adults" could not resist pointing at the sky and saying "De Plane! De Plane!")
Although, as I noted, the island is still mostly rural, it is undergoing a burst of development activity. We stopped at a condo development being built.
But then we spent the afternoon at a beach... which was a very nice way to relax and enjoy warmth and sunshine on February 21st
Jeremy in the water -- it was so clear that even when you were standing chest deep in the water you could look down and see your toes.
This is me about a hundred feet from the beach -- yes, that is a new resort condo development behind me.

One night -- exactly a week after we had returned home -- my sister-in-law Janet phoned and said we should quickly turn on HGTV (a house and garden cable channel). They have a program that each week shows a house-hunting family touring three houses that are for sale. That night's program showed a couple (from Minnesota!) who wanted to move to Roatan. They looked at three lovely houses on Roatan: a 2000 square foot house for $865,000; a 4000 sq. ft house for 1.6 million, and a 10,000 sq ft. house for 2.2 million. (They had said they wanted a place that was roomy but easy to care for, that had a dock with deep water access, and they wanted to spend about a million and a half.) In the end they bought the biggest house (but they got it for "only" 1.9 million).

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