Just a brief entry --  11/19/05

I was busy all week... the usual stuff... work, chores around the house, shopping, etc... and never did find time to sit down and put up an entry...

And now I'm in the middle of getting ready to host a dinner party tonight -- two couples that we get together with once in a while. Having them over for dinner has been planned for a long time, but events yesterday are also turning it into a bit of an impromptu celebration. As you may remember from a few months ago, Nancy had been working very hard on getting National Board Certification (which involved submitting two different classroom videos, extensive documentation of lessons, etc. and then a day of computerized testing, all essay type questions). Both of the women coming over tonight are also teachers in the same school system as Nancy and they were also both going for their National Board Certification. (One is married to a college professor, the other to a lawyer.) Yesterday the National Board results were announced and all three of them succeeded. So today while out grocery shopping I picked up some champagne so we can have a champagne toast.

(The dinner is among the reasons this is a rushed entry -- I have a beef stew cooking in a crock pot but I've got to make stuffed portobello mushrooms and a salad and cut up some veggies to use with dip, etc., etc.)

My cousin was only in the hospital a few days, they said she was okay, but some of us think she should go up to Albany for more expert diagnosis.

My brother does not have Lyme disease -- he has viral meningitis. (It is bacterial meningitis that is the killer. He asked the doctor what if it had been that kind and the doctor said "Then we probably would not be having this conversation.") Viral meningitis is much more common -- he probably got bitten by a mosquito while walking his dog -- and many people may get it and think it was just a mild case of the flu, but it can really knock you down for a week or two, as it has just done to Charlie. The spinal tap they gave him at the beginning of the week confirmed that he had meningitis. The treatment is rest, stay hydrated, take appropriate pain medication. One of the symptoms (which he had) is severe migraine level headaches combined with fever and body aches. The day after his diagnosis, his fever went away (although the other symptoms remained) so his insurance company said no fever means not need to be hospitalized and he was sent home.

Jill and I are signed up for the five mile Thanksgiving morning run. (I'm exhaused just thinking about it.)

And that's the news from here in Lake Woebegone....

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