Jill's party -- 05/18/05

It's a

I mentioned in my last entry that Jill had a party Friday night (celebrating her 23rd birthday) and I might put up some pictures.

These are pictures of the two cakes she baked. A vanilla cake duck on the left and a chocolate cake on the right (those are candy planets and spaceships, etc.).

Yes, Jill enjoys whimsical things.
Jill not only baked the cakes, she also brought a platter of sushi put together by the sushi department at the supermarket where she works. (This isn't "supermarket sushi" -- it's actually an outlet for Sushi-Go restaurant in Newport... and it was delicious.)

I supplied the rest of the refreshments: veggies & dip, three kinds of tortilla chip, salsa, etc. -- and four pizzas. Also a cooler filled with beer (Killian's Red and Bass Ale) and soda (four or five kinds) and Mike's Hard Lemonade).
Jill's friend Lia was getting a beer out of the cooler when she commented "This is so weird... here I am getting a beer and your Dad is in the same room... but it's okay because we're twenty-three... Ohmigod! WE'RE SO OLD!"

At the right you see Jill and Eli. (He is on her cell phone trying to give someone directions to our house.)

Jill and her friends are very much into games -- both video games and role playing games. In fact, many of the people at her party are also in her Saturday RPG group. They didn't do any role playing games at the party, but there was a lot of video game playing going on. Jill had her X-box connected to the living room television and Jeremy had set up his television and sound system with Playstation 2 connected.

Somebody brought their Eye Toy -- an add-on for PS2 systems, a camera (which has a USB2 interface, so I guess you could use it for a webcam) that sits on top of your TV and lets you play games by body movement.
That's Deirdre on the left and the TV with the Eye Toy connected is on the right (the one with the purple image) -- In this game you see your image on the TV and you have to move your hands to "touch" these icons that appear around you (while music is playing and you end up moving to the music almost like DDR, except without a dance pad). This game was a big hit. Just about everyone wanted to take a turn. (No, not me... in fact, shortly after taking this picture I went upstairs to read... and I was asleep long before the party ended sometime around two a.m.)

Tonight Nancy and I and Jill and Jeremy had planned on all going out together -- which is something we don't seem to get to do very often anymore because of how busy all of our schedules seem to be these days. But Jeremy seems to have caught a cold, so I'm not certain if he is going to be able to come with us or not. We're going to The 2nd Story Theatre to see Christopher Durang's play The Marriage of Bette and Boo. And we have dinner reservations at the theatre's Downstairs Bistro. Jill and I go to all the productions at 2nd Story (I always get season subscriptions for us) and we usually eat dinner at Jill's favorite Japanese restaurant in Providence, but we did eat at the bistro once last year and had a delicious meal.

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