Another Sunday with Sammy -- 05/16/05

Friday night Jill had a birthday party here with some of her friends. I took some pictures but Saturday zipped past with out me being able to find time to post an entry with some of those pictures. And then it was Sunday morning and Nancy and I got up very early -- we were on the road not much past 6:30 a.m. -- on our way to Milford (on the other side of New Haven) to catch the MetroNorth train into New York City so we could visit with Adam and Leah and Sammy.
I'll try to post a few birthday pictures later this week -- in the meanwhile, here's one of Jill's birthday cakes.

And here's Sammy on a slide...
This is in Tompkins Square Park -- the same park where we went just before the end of 2004. The weather was a bit warmer on May 15th than it had been on Dec. 30th.

In fact, it was a lot warmer there than it was in Rhode Island. The NY forecast said to expect 72° (22°C) with mixed clouds and sun -- which seemed to be correct -- there was a lot of blue sky and sunshine in the park at noon and it felt quite warm -- certainly the warmest I've felt this year -- I was wishing I'd worn shorts. It had been in the low fifties when we set out and the Rhode Island forecast was calling for a high of 62° and it just hadn't seemed as if it would be all that much warmer in NY, but it certainly was.

The sky clouded over in mid-afternoon and we had a few drops of rain, but it was easy to ignore.
Sammy is that age where he can just play by himself. Give him a ball to carry around and throw and chase or a stroller to push or a toy car -- or a slide to go down -- and he can be quite content playing by himself.

However, sometimes other kids can draw his attention, especially if one of them is a "big kid" of maybe three years old... especially if the big kid is playing with toy cars and trucks.

Sammy also loves going on the slide. He does it all by himself now, up the stairs, get positioned at the top of the slide, sit down, and use his hands to push himself to get a start down the slide, wheeee... then go around to the steps and repeat.

There's a farmer's market on Sundays just outside of Tompkins Square Park -- fruit, vegetables, flowers, plants, etc...
(Below: Sammy and me playing) (Above: Nancy and Sammy playing.)

Adam and Sammy walking down the street.

And that's the report on our latest New York visit.

[I wrote an entry on Thursday but never posted it... I got involved in discussing politics and such and, after thoroughly bashing the Republicans and the Democrats (and, for good measure, the Libertarians as well), I decided that the entry (along with politics and politicians in general) was more annoying than illuminating, so I never moved if to the Web.]

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