I do believe it is spring -- 03/27/05

I do believe that it is spring.

Yes, that's a different blue background than I have been using. I went outside this morning and (in addition to the garden pictures that follow) I took a picture of the sky and then snipped off a piece (100 x 100 pixels) of nice dark blue from about 45° above the horizon in the north-northwest to use for my background color.

The snow is rapidly disappearing and bulbs are sending up green shoots.

In the garden, my chives are coming up nicely... and the first green leaves from my strawberries have appeared.

Yesterday Jill and I colored two dozen Easter eggs...

I've just got to show a close-up of that kitty cat egg Jill decorated....

Jill baked tons of cookies. Okay, not literally tons, but dozens and dozens. She made chocolate chip cookies and butterscotch chip cookies and cookies with M&M candies in them, and some with a mixture of all three extra ingredients. She took a big package of them to her Saturday role-playing game session with her friends (she says the cookies disappeared within minutes) and I took a large platter of them to Nancy's mother's house for dinner last night,

I cooked up almost three pounds of marinated chicken breasts and Nancy's mom cooked a ham and let's just say there was no shortage of food despite there being almost twenty people for dinner (visiting siblings and their families)... And for dessert we had strawberry shortcake (with real whipped cream and fresh strawberries) and cake and pie and Jill's cookies...

Here I am, halfway through the Six Week Tweak [inspired by Bozoette -- and Melissa (Pioneer Woman with Cell Phone] and now, halfway through, I'm a bit behind in weight loss -- down two pounds and since I want to drop six, I should be down three now. I also wanted to work out six days a week, which means by now I should only have skipped three days but, in fact, I have skipped six days over these three weeks. However, most of that was because of slipping on the ice in my driveway and hurting my side. And my third goal was to work up to doing a six mile run. I just came back from running four miles and feel pretty good about it. I'll probably do five miles next weekend and six the weekend after. So, all things considered, I don't seem to be too far behind and my ribs don't hurt anymore when I run, so I think I'm almost back on track.

Six Week Tweak Results
date weight change cumulative
# 03/06/05 201   --   --
1 03/13/05 200 -1 -1
2 03/20/05 200 0 -1
3 03/27/05 199. -1 -2
4 04/03/05
5 04/10/05
6 04/17/05
date workout
Mon. 03/21 -- no workout --
Tues. 03/22 -- no workout
Wed. 03/23 32 mins. 8 miles - exercise bike
+ leg lifts
Thurs. 03/24 40 mins shoveling snow (morning)
31 mins. 8 miles ex-bike (evening)
Fri. 03/25 52 mins 15 mile ex-bike plus half of usual leg lifts and weight routine
Sat. 03/26 3.5 mile run
Sun. 03/27 4 mile run

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