Failure to play in the snow -- 03/25/05

Bonnie left a comment yesterday wondering why I've not posted any pictures of snowmen all winter and recalling that good packing wet snow was also useful for snowball fights.

Good point.

Somewhere I have pictures of some snow creature Jill and her boyfriend built in the snow (ut in a quick look did not find them) and two or three years ago (when he was still in high school) Jeremy and some of his friends built an igloo-like snow fort... but I must confess that despite having much more snow than usual, we failed to make appropriate recreational use of it.

This winter we have all been very busy. Both kids are semi-living elsewhere -- i.e., they are sharing rental houses with friends and other college students -- so much of the time they simply aren't here because they are at their alternative dwelling or they are in school or they are working. Nancy has been incredibly busy with working on her National Board Certification on top of her teaching job (she sent her box of documentation and essays and videotapes to them this week -- yay! -- now "all" she has to do is take the exams) which means that just about her only recreation has been her weekly indoor tennis matches. And I've been rather busy with taking two college courses on top of working.

So some prime snowman-making snow has been passed by. Yesterday's snow (which prompted Bonnie's comment) was wet and heavy stuff, really good for building things (although you would be sure to have wet and cold hands and feet and knees by the time you finished).

When "the kids" really were kids (especially when we lived in upstate New York) we would build some marvelous snow forts and snowmen and snow families and snow dinosaurs, etc., sometimes using both our front yard and our back yard. Although, I can remember some snow sculptures Nancy and I made our first winter in our house in Binghamton (before Jill and Jeremy were born)... and some pretty cool snowmen that Adam and I made in his younger days.

I'm recycling a photograph from 'way back. I think I scanned this photo and used it in an entry back in 2000 (so some of you may have seen it then) but it seemed appropriate to the topic so I hunted around until I found it. This was taken either in the winter of 1970-71 or 1971-72 when I was a student in the PhD program at Binghamton and in my late twenties. Yes, I wore my hair fairly long back then (and the funny thing is, I grew it that long again when I was around fifty).

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