Paper bag predator -- 03/18/05

Tiger loves to play with paper bags, the kind supermarkets used to use before they switched to plastic. Actually, the bag in question is from a supermarket (Belmont Supermarket in Wakefield -- my favorite supermarket in Rhode Island). It's one of those upscale brown paper bags, just a bit heavier and stronger and with a pair stiff paper handles at the top.
This was an all day long event for him -- he would keep coming back to it (sort of between naps) -- and these pictures were taken at various times during the day (as you can probably see by the changing light). When he started the bag contained some grapes (three different kinds -- red seedless, green seedless, and black seedless -- in plastic mesh bags).

I was working in my office when I heard strange noises coming from the kitchen. I thought it must be Tiger but I couldn't figure out what he was playing with, so I came into the kitchen and saw him attacking the bag. Naturally, I first had to run back and grab my camera... then I rescued the grapes. (I try to keep a sense of proper priorities.) That didn't bother Tiger; it was the bag he was out to conquer. He always seems very proud of himself when he conquers a paper bag.

So I did get my ribs checked out today -- even got x-rays. No fractures, just contusions.

But I'm supposed to take it easy, no running for a while, no lifting weights. (By the way, I'm not bench-pressing 200 lbs., in fact I don't bench press at all. I mostly do a bunch of stuff with a pair of 10 lb. dumbbells and sometime use heavier, but nothing bigger than a pair of 25 lb. dumbbells, plus leg lifts and seated rows and stuff, currently only using 40 lbs. on that.)

The nurse-practitioner who saw me (a radiologist checked the x-rays) was emphatic about letting myself heal -- and since she is a runner (she runs the Narragansett Blessing of the Fleet 10 mile race most years) -- so I took that as an excuse to goof off today (plus I was very busy with work, have a very hot project that absolutely must be completely finished by Wednesday, so not only did I need to compensate for taking a couple of hours off, I'll probably be working on it this weekend, plus doing work for the courses I'm taking) and on Saturday and Sunday I'll just use the exercise bike to keep the cardiovascular stuff going and keep the legs moving (and burn a few calories before I end up gaining weight this week).

I may wait a couple more days to sign up, but I think I will try that James Joyce Ramble 10k in April. Jill says she would like to run it with me. She has been talking about getting back into running. The last race she was in was the Thanksgiving Day 5 mile Newport Pie Run -- the races I've run since then (Jan 1st - 5k , Feb 13th 5k , and March 6th - 3 miles) she missed because of working. It will be fun to run together again.

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