A place in the sun -- 03/05/05

Theme: a cat with a place in the sun. Okay, so this is not a picture of a cat in the sun -- it's a picture of a cat sleeping on a cat-shaped pillow... the sun comes in the other pictures.

This is one of Tiger's favorite sleeping places: the baseboard heating keeps it warm, the pillow is soft and comfortable, and being under this little table makes it sort of cave-like and semi-hidden (just not very much).
Jeremy moved out at the end of January; he is sharing a "winter rental" house with a couple of his friends. (Our town is a summer coastal resort area; it also has the main campus of the state university. This means there are lots of houses that rent at truly exorbitant rates during the summer. In the winter they are rented to students at merely expensive rates.)

This means that Jeremy's room is mostly empty (except for a pile of stuff he didn't bring with him).
Tiger has discovered that there is is big expanse of comfortable wall-to-wall carpeting with a great big patch of sunshine on it at mid day.

It is just so nice and warm and cozy for a cat to stretch out and enjoy the sunshine. Sometimes one of the monkey-face staff comes by and takes your picture, but mostly it is a quiet, private place for a nap.
Sometimes, if you fall really sound asleep, you might wake up and find your patch of sunshine has moved, but it's easy to move over and regain your place in the sun again.

Life as a cat can be good. Food, water, a saucer of milk, a jingle ball, a squeaky toy mouse, and your staff of monkey-face servants to cater to your whims.
The dining room is another good place for sunshine. The late afternoon sun shines on the dining room floor right at the entrance to the kitchen and near the basement stairs. This allows a cat to keep track of the approach of dinner time. (And, if dinner does not appear upon the proper stomach schedule, it is a strategic spot for tracking down someone to whom complaints can be addressed to assure timely feeding.)

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