Three photo day -- 03/02/05

Okay, so these are pictures of Monday, Feb. 28th, not pictures of yesterday or today... Bear with me, I've been busy...

Bozoette did a Three Photo Day entry a few days ago. In fact, her pictures were from Friday and she wrote it as her Saturday entry, so I figured I could take pictures on Monday and post them on Tuesday, except I had no time at all to do that on Tuesday, so here it is as a Wednesday entry.

So here's my Monday in three photographs.

A touch of pink at the horizon early on a cloudy morning as I go out to get the newspaper from the driveway. (No, we didn't park our cars with their lights on; that's just a reflection from the camera flash.) The morning routine: start a pot of coffee, bring in the paper, fix Nancy breakfast, boot computers and check e-mail, watch a bit of morning news on TV with Nancy while I drink some coffee, pack Nancy's lunch and look at the morning paper while I eat breakfast, settle down in the den and begin work.

Where I spend the afternoon (as well as the morning) most days -- in my den, my home office. That's my new T41 ThinkPad on the desk. It has the same amount of RAM (one gigabyte) as the T23 I had been using for the past couple of years, but it has a faster processor and an 80 gigabyte hard drive. I really like working here -- comfortable chair, plenty of desk (and table) space, desk drawers for storage, good lighting, space for the laptop and for paperwork plus my desktop machine on the table, along with my printer and my scanner. It's much more comfortable than my Dilbert cube in the office.

And here's the evening picture -- yes, yet another front yard and driveway in a snowstorm picture. I spent most of the evening in my den working on homework and studying for the two courses I am taking (the lit course that Jill and I are taking at CCRI and the grad course in Instructional Design I'm taking from UMassBoston). Sunday and Monday nights have become study nights for me.)

Tuesday morning, of course, I had to shovel that snow.

The day began a little bit earlier than usual -- a 5:10 a.m. phone call to tell Nancy that the start of school would be delayed by one hour because of the storm.

It drifted so much in our driveway -- this storm had some fierce winds around here -- that I'm not really sure how much we got. I've heard from five to nine inches various places in our town. I had about five or six inches on the left side of the driveway and closer to a foot on the right side. Jill's car was parked next to mine and there was a sculptured ridge of snow about a foot and a half high curving between them. It took me about an hour of shoveling Tuesday morning to clear things out.

Jill's car was blocking Nancy's side of the garage, so Nancy moved Jill's car and parked it behind mine and then backed her car out of the garage and drove off to work. A short time later she phoned to say she couldn't find her reading glasses. I checked the kitchen and the garage and then out to the driveway -- there they were, the tires of her car must have missed them by just inches.

I set off to bring them to her -- got about two blocks up the street where the road curved and and my car decided to continue going straight, right into a bank of plowed up snow. I was stuck in the snow. I was about to go back home and get a shovel when a neighbor came out with a shovel and cleared away some snow and then he and another neighbor pushed me out of the snowbank. (Have I mentioned that I like my neighborhood!) Made the rest of the trip without mishap, then came back home and got back to work.

Class last night. Light snow on the way home. Woke up this morning to find about an inch of snow in the driveway -- it didn't take long to clear it away but I am getting very tired of winter weather.

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