Getting ready for Christmas -- 12/11/04

Jill had her tonsillectomy surgery Wednesday morning and everything went just fine.

She had to be at the hospital before 7 a.m. (one that is about half an hour drive away). Eli (her boyfriend) came with us and he was a great comfort to her, helped her to stay relaxed (well, as relaxed as she could be).

One thing that has changed since back in prehistoric times when I had my tonsils out: you can no longer eat ice cream. All dairy products are forbidden for the first two day because they can cause mucus and that might make you cough to clear your throat and that would hurt and also could cause problems. (Instead of ice cream you can have popsicles -- except no citrus flavor because it might sting.) She was very happy last night when she could finally have some ice cream.

Although we had put the tree up in the living room on Sunday, we did not find time to decorate it on Monday nor on Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday we were all just too tired -- especially Jill -- so we didn't get around to decorating the tree until Friday night.

I had been wanting to put up lights outside, but it was raining on Friday. I finally got to that task this afternoon. A few years ago I had bought two lighting nets for the bushes next to our porch steps, but neither Nancy nor I could find where they got stored two years ago (I didn't put up any outdoor lights last year)... but I had picked up some new white lights so we put them on the bushes and the porch railing.

Just before sunset (which came at 4:16 p.m., although the sky was so overcast you couldn't see any color) I went out for a nice three and a half mile run... it was slow but steady and it felt good to get in a run.

Nancy handing me the angel for the top

Tiger has his eye on that candy-cane ornament; in fact, shortly after this picture was taken, he began batting at it with his front paws and I had to move it higher on the tree.

Our outdoor lights

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