Carrot Harvest -- 11/12/04

The theme for today's entry is Carrots!

Jill came by yesterday and did some carrot harvesting. (I suppose you can think of this as a sequel to the recent Fruits and Vegetables entry.)

She took over one end of my garden about three years ago, but this was her best harvest yet. She had planted two or three different varieties of carrot this spring.

There are a lot of carrots still awaiting harvesting; the ones she pulled up yesterday represent just a small proportion of her full crop. Fortunately, carrots keep just fine in the ground, so she should be able to continue to harvest nice fresh tasty crunchy healthy carrots.

Yesterday being Veteran's Day, schools were closed and Nancy had the day off from work. I took took the day off and got to spend a very pleasant day with my family. (Jill's college was in session but she has no Thursday classes.)

I was a bit confused this morning, however; couldn't figure out if it was a Monday or a Friday.

I did manage to get in a decent run -- three and a half miles -- probably my first run in a week and a half. (I didn't run on the weekend.) I've not been goofing off or turning into a couch potato. I've been using my exercise bike probably four or five times a week, usually doing somewhere around 45 minutes on it. Some days that is all, other days I might add half a mile of running on the treadmill or doing a little bit of work with handweights.

That right ankle is still bothering me after running. Usually I have been icing it down after running: putting my foot in a basin filled with cold water and ice. Brrrrrr. (Wow, only about seven weeks to go before the annual January 1st Pier Plunge. Yeah, I think I'm going to try to make it three years in a row.) I neglected to ice it yesterday, but it isn't really bothering me today.

The Pie Run is less than two weeks away. Five miles. Well, as usual, I should be able to manage to jog my way to the finish. *sigh* Slower every year.

We might have to take two cars this year. Besides Jill and me, we may also have two brothers-in-law and a niece running the race, and possibly another niece's husband.

Yesterday it was 53 °F (12 °C)and really felt quite mild once I got started running. Today it is 36 °F (2 °C) with a cold rain. We have a winter weather advisory: Sometime around midnight the rain is supposed to mix with snow and then turn to all snow, with a chance of three to five inches in some areas.

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