Sammy in Rhode Island -- 08/02/04

This is going to be a posting with lots of grandson pictures....

Adam and Leah and Sammy came to Rhode Island on Friday... This was Sammy's first visit to the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantation.

He is getting to be so big... one year old and about twenty-five pounds. Just like his father did at the same age, he pulls himself up and stands and will walk if his hands are being held, but otherwise he seems quite content with crawling. (When Gillian was born I had thought that I had gained some parenting expertise from Adam -- so much to my shock and startlement, Jill began walking by herself at nine months... and Jeremy was two weeks earlier than that.) Of course once Adam did began walking he didn't slow down at all... when he was in high school he was an accomplished runner on track and cross-country teams all four years.

Sammy is delightful, friendly, cheerful, bright, animated, curious, talented, etc. (Hey, you can trust me on this; after all, I am his grandfather!) Oh yeah, and artistic and musical and talented in all areas.

It is marvelous to watch Adam and Leah with Sammy -- there are two loving and dedicated parents. Of course there were times this weekend when they were pushed to the background as Nanna and Grandpa just had to take over playing with Sammy. *grin*

Adam, Jill, and Leah with Sammy in our backyard.

Adam and Sammy in our front yard.

Adam and Leah in my hammock with Sammy.

Nancy and Leah and Adam with Sammy at the ocean.
(Roger Wheeler State Beach - Sand Hill Cove -- a good beach for little ones because the water is quite shallow and not cold and the surf is gentle.)

Sammy loved splashing in the ocean. Next summer he will be ready for building sand castles.

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