Three weeks to JournalCon-- 07/30/04

There are only three weeks left until JournalCon 2004 in Washington, DC.

Time zips right along, doesn't it?

When the first JournalCon was held in Pittsburgh in 2000 I really wanted to go. I had anticipated being in Pittsburgh for work the week prior to the convention and so I could just stay over a couple of extra days but, as things turned out, instead my work schedule did not bring me to Pittsburgh but kept me too busy elsewhere to go. And since then they have been held in San Francisco and maybe in Austin and Chicago -- I dunno, I lost track -- but when I heard that the 2004 edition was going to be in Washington just a few hours away via Amtrak (oh, okay, somewhere around seven hours?) I thought that it would be really cool to go.

Of course just two weeks later Noreascon -- the 2004 World Science Fiction Convention is being held in Boston. Wow, how cool would that be? Oh, like Labor Day weekend. Nancy will be too consumed with getting ready for school to be able to spend three (almost four) days at a science fiction convention.

So I decided to do JournalCon. Originally, Jill was thinking of coming down to DC with me to attend the convention but then she thought she might be making another trip to Minnesota in August. Then Nancy said she would "come along for the ride" to Washington.

Nancy doesn't read online journals -- she almost never even looks at mine -- except when I point out a particular entry that I think might interest her on someone's journal. (She did go through your archives, Wilma, looking at your photographs) -- but she puts up with me when I talk about people I know from their online journals and blogs. So I registered for JournalCon and registered Nancy as "guest" -- which means she gets to hang out and go to social stuff but not attend panel discussions. On the Saturday that has most of the panel discussions she will probably go to the Smithsonian art museums or maybe go visit one of her brothers who is now in the DC area.

It hit me a couple of weeks ago that some journalers whose journals I read were at Pittsburgh and San Francisco -- but what about this year's gathering? Ah, John Scalzi is coming. Oops, nope -- this week he posted a notice that he would not be able to make it after all. But Emily has been to every JournalCon (Hey, Mildew, you are going to be there, right?)

Ah, well, here's a chance to meet new people. I've found a Rhode Islander -- cosmicrayola -- who might even end up on the same Amtrak train going to DC and I've begun to read Weetabix (a number of people whose journals I read are Weetabix readers, so I knew of her)... and I've been sampling some other journals as well.

Okay, I've got to get going -- I'm taking vacation days today and Monday -- Adam and Leah and little Sammy are going to be arriving for a visit in a few hours and I've got to put my work stuff away (I was working past midnight last night and put in a couple more hours first thing this morning) and get some grocery shopping done before they arrive.

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