Jill is twenty-two -- 05/10/04

May 10th was also a Monday in 1982. I know because that was the day that Jill was born... 22 years ago.

It seems just days ago she was scooting around on one of those bright plastic Big Wheels... and now she's driving around in her own Honda Accord that she bought last year with her own money.

I think she enjoyed her birthday.

I made chicken pot pie for dinner, per her request.

I worked from home, starting about 6:30 in the morning and didn't take a lunch break, so that by 3:30 or so I figured I had put in enough hours, which gave me plenty of time to fix dinner fresh.

Nancy baked a cake -- sort of a Boston Cream Pie because it had chocolate pudding between two layers of marble cake, just as Jill had asked. (That's not an edible picture on the cake; Nancy printed it and then backed it with aluminum foil before putting it on top of the cake. The inscription is Happy Birthday to our magical Jill)

Jill had four friends over for dinner followed, of course, by cake and ice cream.

After the festivities, they all went up to Dave and Buster's in the Providence Place Mall to play video games and have fun.

Twenty-two years old! How did my little girl become a grown-up woman?

Happy birthday, Gillian!

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