JDRF Gala -- 05/04/04

Saturday night Jill and I attended a fund-raising gala for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

My brother and his wife were honored at the event for thirty years of volunteer work for JDRF.

The event was a dinner-dance with a silent auction and an auctioneer-led auction. After the auction activities were finished, the auctioneer asked for cash pledges from the audience of about two hundred people. They were hoping to get ten thousand... but in just a few minutes they had raised $19,200. He then asked if he could get some additional contributions to make it an even twenty thousand. Immediately nine people each made additional $100 pledges.

Altogether, the evening raised seventy-five thousand dollars for diabetes research. Wow!

Nancy was in a grad course on Saturday that didn't finish until 5:30 -- which would make it a bit difficult to attend an event that started at 6:00 almost two hundred miles away -- so Gillian came with me. Not only was she my companion for the evening, we took her car and she did at least two thirds of the driving.

So... eventually I may get some additional photos posted, but in the meanwhile, here's a father-daughter picture from the event. (The backdrop is supposed to have a medieval look as befits the theme of the gala: A Knight for a Cure.

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