Sixty-one -- 04/29/04

I've really been out of things these past few days.

The last time I was this wiped out for that many days was after hernia surgery. (Well, at least this time I didn't have to contend with stitches and staples.) I have just been exhausted and worn down by this virus... spent half the time taking naps, I was so wiped out.

Today I'm back in action!

No, not quite... but I am spending most of the day working, just taking an early lunch break to post this meager entry. (I'm working from home so I don't have to drive over to the office and back.) I don't think I'll get in a full eight hours, but at least I'm ahead of yesterday. I tried to work yesterday but after an hour or so I gave up and took a nap. I don't know how much of this sleepiness was caused by being sick and how much was caused by the various medications... probably a combination.

Ah well, I've survived and am feeling better. Not planning on going out for a birthday run. (I like to get in a five mile run on -- or near -- my birthday, but that's going to have to be postponed a few days this year.)

A low key birthday -- no surprise party this year-- just probably go out to the Mews Tavern for dinner.

About all I've accomplished this week -- aside from sleeping -- has been (as mentioned in my previous entry) to read Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver (not the same link I gave last time). I'm almost through it ('tis a very large book) and I am hoping that The Confusion (the next book in the Baroque Cycle) might turn up as a birthday gift (if not, I will be ordering it first thing tomorrow!).

No deep thoughts or words of wisdom, no insightful commentary on the human condition, no amusing observations on the follies of sundry politicians. I've reached 61 -- one of these days I'm going to have to admit to being middle-aged -- and it's a beautiful day outside, blue skies, sunshine, mild spring temperature. I'm going to post this entry, eat a quick lunch, take a look at my garden (the radishes are coming up and I think I saw some flecks of green yesterday where I planted the mesculn mix, and want to see if there is any sign of the peas or beans today) and then get back to work.

Thanks for the e-mailed (and snail-mailed) birthday greetings.

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