A good day -- 12/22/03

Today has been a good day -- and tonight Nancy and I are going to go to see The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King. (Yes, we are hooked on the series.)

I slept in this morning, didn't get up until almost seven. (Well, that's sleeping in for me.) I had awakened multiple times during the night due to my sinuses bothering me and I still had a headache when I got up, but this time nasal spray plus aspirin plus coffee seemed to do the trick. I think I finally got caught up with reading journal and blog entries I'd missed during the week and am also up-to-date on email.

Got in a good run late in the morning -- did three miles on the bike path. I think that's my first outdoor run since the five mile race on Thanksgiving. I've not been very good at indoor workouts during that time either, probably only did four or five of them. (Although I did get in three good bouts of snow shoveling one weekend.) I had been determined to work out every day -- starting on Friday -- but when it came time for a workout yesterday, I felt so rotten with my sinus headache that I couldn't do it. So I was glad to have a good run -- sunny weather, fairly mild temperatures in the 40's. The weather is supposed to be pretty much like today for the rest of the week (except maybe some freezing rain Christmas Eve so I hope to be able to alternate running with indoor workouts, keep thing balanced, don't overdo any one form of exercise, but still get in some good outdoor runs.

Jill is going to join me in running in a 5k race on New Year's Day, but she says she does not intend to join me in splashing into Narragansett Bay after the race. I didn't run in the race last year, but I did enjoy a swim -- see my January 1, 2003 entry.

Stopped at the Blood Center to donate blood -- everything went smoothly, dripped out a full unit in under eleven minutes -- my veins tend to roll and they often have difficulty in getting the needle in just right.

Picked up a Christmas turkey -- not a giant one, but not small either -- not quite seventeen and a half pounds. We'll be having Christmas dinner with Nancy's mother -- and various visiting siblings and their families. As with other years, her mother will be making a Christmas ham, so I voluteered to do a turkey as I also have in some prior years. (Nancy much prefers turkey to ham, so this helps make her Christmas Day.) I think I'll roast turkey and bring it along with dressing and gravy and maybe some mashed potatoes.

Wanted to get a gift certificate for Jeremy to a store in town where he seems to find stuff he likes -- this would have finished the Christmas shopping -- but when I asked about gift certificates, they told me they had stopped doing them. That didn't make sense to me -- most merchants are happy to sell gift certificates. When I asked why, they told me the store was going to be closing soon, that the only reason they would be staying open in January would be to handle returns, etc., but they didn't expect to receive any new shipments of clothing.

Okay, time to post this random babbling and start fixing dinner.

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