It snowed -- 12/07/03

It snowed this weekend.

It began snowing on Friday. This was a coastal storm -- a Nor'easter -- so the snow first began to fall in South County -- where I live -- in mid-afternoon and then over Narragansett Bay (including, of course, the islands -- and I work on Aquidneck Island) and only then did the snow move inland to Providence and further up the coast, not reaching Boston until dark.

I left work a few minutes before four o'clock (much earlier than usual) and quickly found that traffic was snarled and backed-up. At each intersection with a traffic light it seemed to take two changes of the light before I could get through -- except the intersection that usually takes two cycles, that one took four cycles. The Newport Bridge wasn't too bad, but the highway across Jamestown Island slowed to stop-and-go, picked up to twenty miles an hour over the next bridge and never seemed to get any faster than that until reaching route 1, where it slowed to stop-and-go again. I stopped at a supermarket on the way home, needed to pick up some food to get through the weekend because, given the weather predictions, I sure didn't want to have to go shopping on Saturday. My normal commute home is thirty to thirty-five minutes. The supermarket is about the same distance from my office. I didn't get to the market until almost quarter to six.

I began shoveling the driveway when I got home and then Jill came out and helped me. Saturday morning Nancy and I shoveled it again. The storm was actually two fronts moving through and Saturday morning seemed to be a lull (only light snow) between them. Nancy needed to drop some cookies off at the church bazaar (just about every other activity in the state was cancelled due to the weather, but the Christmas Bazaar went on) and then go to the post office to mail packages, so I volunteered to go with her. In the picture below, you can see Jill shoveling the driveway yet again, around 5pm Saturday, just as the storm intensified. This afternoon Jeremy and I shoveled it again. It became very windy last night and the snow was drifted across the driveway, ranging from four or five inches to about two and a half feet deep.

Yeah, here's another picture of "my" den -- Jill is using my computer for an online game but she is being distracted by something Jeremy is running on his computer, some kind of German conversation program (which interested her because she is taking German in college).

Sunday Brunch 18 Days Until Christmas
1. How many Christmas parties will you be attending between now and Christmas?
At least two -- Nancy's sister Karen and her husband are having one this coming Saturday night and then there's one with Nancy's co-workers.

2. Have you started Christmas shopping yet? If so, have you finished, or when do you expect to finish?
Well, I just ordered some Christmas cards. Does that count? I hope to do some shopping online this week and maybe get to a store or two sometime this week or next.

3. Who is your favorite person to shop for?
It varies from year to year, depending on what kind of good ideas I get.

4. Have you decorated your house yet? (inside or outside)
We are so far behind this year. Maybe it's from Thanksgiving coming so late? Nancy has replaced a harvest theme wreath by our front door with Christmas wreath. That's about it. Some years I have strung lights all around the porch. I think last year I just put lights on the bushes. Don't know what I'll do this year. Various Christmas decorations will probably be set up inside over the next few days.

5. When did/do you put up your Christmas tree?
Years ago we used to get our tree a week or so before Christmas. Then we began to do it two weeks before Christmas. Then three weeks. The past two or three years we would have put up our tree this weekend. We had a snowy weekend. Next weekend we have Karen's party, etc. I guess maybe we'll buy a tree next Sunday, but the decorating may take a day or two.

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