In my den -- 11/30/03

Jeremy reorganized his room recently -- he was complaining about a lack of space for studying and doing homework. His stereo equipment, television, games, etc. were taking up a lot of room and he was running out of room for his computer, etc.

His solution was to ask if he could move his computer down to the den. That is, to my den. The den had become my room for doing computer stuff. When I bought a new desktop system in the spring it took over the desk in the den. Before that, when working from home I would sometimes put my laptop on that desk and other times (such as when I had a lot of books and papers involved in what I was doing) I would work on the dining room table. Once my new desktop machine took over the desk, I was forced into the dining room to work on my laptop. Jeremy suggested an arrangement that would help me. He wanted to put the table that he used as a computer desk in the den and he suggested that if I also put my computer on that table I would be able to free up my desk for use as a work surface. I thought that I would rather keep my computer on the desk, but that I could set up my laptop on the end of the table and I could work from the same chair, just swivel around.

We set up the table in here earlier this week. On Friday and Saturday he installed his new hard drive and reinstalled his operating system, etc. Yesterday and today I was doing some work in here (a couple of hours yesterday, most of the afternoon today) and it works out just fine. Here's a picture.
His monitor looks big because it is -- 19 inch -- and yes, it is covered with decals and stickers. That's my ThinkPad open and running on the end of the table. (The table, by the way, was made by my father many years ago from a door. I have that door's mate leaning against a wall down in the basement; when we lived in Binghamton I used it as a computer desk by setting it on top of some two-drawer file cabinets.) The desk that my PC is on is a big old desk, really solid. That's the London Underground logo on my coffee mug.

The real question is how well will this work when we both are working at the same time. That is, he likes to play music and I tend to work in silence. Well, it all depends on what I'm doing. Sometimes I enjoy having music play while I'm working, and sometimes I get absorbed in what I'm doing and don't even notice it, but other times I find it distracting and annoying. Ah, well, time will tell....

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