An Indian Summer Weekend -- 11/02/03

Friday night (Halloween) I went out and got pizza for dinner (one large cheese, one large pepperoni) -- Nancy and Jeremy and me and Brian, a friend Jeremy's home from college. A little before seven o'clock Brian's father came by and the four of us went off to see Kill Bill, leaving Nancy to dole out candy to the trick-or-treaters. (Hey, last year, not only wasn't I home, I was in Dallas all that week.)

John ("The Old Grey Poet") Bailey mentioned having watched one of the Halloween movies on Halloween: "Quite a feat that, severing a head with one horizontal blow of an axe, but let's not be picky." His comment is quite applicable to Kill Bill.. Many severed heads, not to mention hands, legs, arms, feet... mostly done by Uma Thurman wielding a Samurai sword. Stupid, violent, bloody, violent, fascinating, violent, gory, violent... and I'll go to see part two when it comes out in a few months.

Saturday was gorgeous. Mild. Almost like real summer. Temperatures in the low 70's. Today was a bit cooler, although here along the coast we were warmer (mid-60's) and had more sun that they did further inland. I got in a really good workout on Saturday -- ran three and a half miles on the bike path, came home and did thirty minutes on the exercise bike in the basement, and then did some work with weights. Fairly tiring. Never did find time for a workout today. Maybe in the morning?

My NaNoWriMo efforts were quite successful Saturday. Had planned on starting at eight a.m.; well, reality saw that be postponed a bit. However, I did sit down at the computer about quarter past nine and set up a folder to hold my NaNoWriMo efforts and start up WordPro and then try to think up some characters and a situation. (I told you that I had done no advance preparation.) So eventually I typed a first line. Stared at it a bit and began to write and it went fairly smoothly, kind of making it up as I went along.

Today... well, I didn't have time to get to it until around nine o'clock in the evening... but I did get my words in. Actually, I've got a bit beyond what the daily average has to be (50,000 divided by 30 days = 1667 words per day) but I know I won't be able to put in enough time during the week so I wanted get a little bit extra in (half a day's worth -- not enough, but...) so that I won't end up in too deep a hole.

And why am I typing this? I must stop and go to bed.

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