Nine Eleven -- 09/11/03

I wasn't sure what to write for today. I didn't want to get myself worked up into a rant about the forces arrayed against us.

It took great suffering and sacrifice, but we defeated the Nazi forces in World War II.

It took decades longer, but we defeated Communism also.

The Islamofascist forces also seek to destroy us, to wage their sick jihad that seeks to crush and destroy freedom and democracy everywhere in the world, but I am confident that we will, in the end, emerge victorious.

I am confident of this, despite the so-called "peace" activists and their ilk at home and abroad, the quislings and hate-America crowd who would condemn our entire nation for the slightest flaw and yet who see no evil in a culture that delights in wholesale slaughter of innocents, that worships death by stoning as easily as it celebrates killing school children for political gain.

So, rather than ranting at them and their search for quagmire and their cheering the deaths of American and British soldiers, I'd just like to direct your attention to the following And then just to close with a photograph, one I had posted once before (09/19/01) -- I would pick up those little single use cameras from time to time, just to have handy. They're great for trips where you don't want to worry about carrying a good camera. My son had taken one on a high school field trip to New York City back in the spring of '01 and took a few pictures with it. It had been around the house and from time to time I'd grab it and take a few pictures with it. A few days after the destruction of the World Trade Center I noticed that all the pictures had been taken, so I dropped it off to get developed. When I picked up the pictures and began flipping through them I suddenly came upon this one.

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