Quick Trip to Manhattan -- 08/24/03

Nancy, Jennifer and I grabbed the 7:22 am Amtrak train to New York City on Saturday. A beautiful day, warm and sunny but without extreme heat and humidity.

Uneventful train trip -- I was reading a baseball novel by Mike Lupica (Wild Pitch -- I don't usually read sports-oriented books, but this book was entertaining and amusing and I think I'll look for Lupica's other novels), Nancy was reading stuff for school and working on ideas for lesson plans (school starts soon!), and Jennifer was alternating between reading and napping. Get to New York around eleven, out of Penn Station, walk over to the 34th Street subway station for the F train, take the F train to Delancey Street, cross Delancey (*grin*), along Essex to Grand, then about another ten minutes brisk walk to Adam and Leah's apartment. (Jennifer really liked their apartment -- she wouldn't want to live in New York City, but she'd love to have an apartment like that in Providence.)

We spent a lovely afternoon visiting with Adam and Leah and, of course, baby Samuel. Nancy and I got to do lots of grandparent baby-holding and Jennifer got to play aunt (although she says she can't wait until he's just a little bit bigger, big enough to hold his head up and not seem so fragile to her).

Remembering how exhausting it can be to have an infant in your life, I fixed food the night before -- a vegetarian pasta sauce (onions and three kinds of peppers and celery and mushrooms and zuchini, nicely sauteed and then add two large cans of ground tomatoes, plus seasonings) and a pasta salad (tri-color pasta ruffles, fat-free Italian dressing, lots of finely chopped veggies, appropriate seasonings), a green salad, a bottle of salad dressing, a package of angel hair pasta, and a loaf of crusty bread. (Oh, and some lasagna, but that's just for Leah because it has ground turkey in it and Adam is strick vegetarian.)

We put Samuel in his carriage and went for a walk around the neighborhood, took a pedestrian bridge over FDR Drive, wandered through East River Park -- an urban gem of a park that lies between FDR Drive and the East River, a very long park with a bicycle/running path, green lawns, clumps of shade trees, children's play areas, a narrow soccer field, a very nice basefall field, a small outdoor bandshell for concerts, etc., all with a great river view... and a delightful cool breeze on sunny afternoon.

All too soon our visit came to an end as we had to retrace our steps back to the subway and return to Penn Station to catch a train back home.

Samuel, Nancy and Jennifer

Samuel, Leah, Adam

Samuel and Aunt "Jennifer"

Leah and Samuel

Samuel and Grandpa Jim

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