Meet my grandson -- 07/21/03

Born 10:23 a.m. Sunday July 20, 2003 at New York University Medical Center.

7 pounds 4.8 ounces.

Mom and baby both doing fine.

Nancy and I grabbed a 9:22 a.m. train to New York, so we were still on the train when he was born, but thanks to cell phones we were able to talk with the great-grandparents and find out all the news while we were traveling. Got to Penn Station, started walking along 33rd Street toward 1st Ave (location of NYU hospital)... in a few blocks a college kid carrying a skateboard said "hi" to us and we realized we'd met up with Adam's half-brother, also on his way to the hospital. (Small world and all that.... I mean, we were almost a mile from the hospital.) Enough chit-chat... here's a picture... Three generations...

At one point we had all six grandparents there. (Adam is my son from my first marriage, so we had Leah's mom and dad, Adam's mom and her husband, and Nancy and me.) Nancy and I hung out at the hospital, everyone taking turns doing baby cuddling. Then we wandered out and found a few treats for Leah (candy and hand lotion) and came back to the hospital for more baby cuddling. We stayed at the Murray Hill Inn, an inexpensive little "boutique" hotel on 30th near Lexington. (Inexpensive -- at least considering its location -- not a place I'd want to stay on a business trip -- no desk or table for laptop and paperwork, etc.-- but quite pleasant for an overnight stay.) A few blocks of Lexington have such a high concentration of Indian restaurants that it has been nicknamed "Curry Hill." We grabbed some Chicken Tikki Masala with Naan bread in a very small Indian restaurant on one of the side streets (maybe 28th?) and then wandered about (I was still a bit hungry since we had skipped lunch) until we picked a Thai/Chinese restaurant and shared some food (Nancy ordered spring roll appetizer and I ordered sweet and sour chicken) and then to our hotel, watch a bit of tv, read a bit, go to sleep. Naturally youngest child woke me up by calling my cell phone, responding to a message I'd left him hours earlier. He wanted to hear all the details I'd already supplied in his voice mailbox -- he and his sister are both excited about having a nephew -- and then I was left wide awake and reading in the middle of the night. Nancy and I slept in a bit in the morning, then went back to the hospital to hang out and visit and hold the baby until we had to leave to catch a 2:30 train back to Rhode Island.

Okay, here's another three generation picture... the first one was taken on Sunday, this one was taken today...

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