Easter Eggs -- 04/21/03

We are having another warm sunny day.

This is the third in a row. Of course "warm" is relative -- it's about 55 degrees right now (12 noon) -- and may hit sixty at some point in the afternoon -- blue skies and sunshine.

During autumn and winter, living along the coast means slightly milder temperatures compared with those found further inland. It might only be a five degree difference, but that can be the difference between eight inches of snow in Providence and three or four inches of snow plus some rain in Narragansett. Now, in spring, that means a difference the other way. Early last week we had a couple of warm days -- Providence was reporting temperatures well into the seventies but we hit maybe 62 for a high. Yesterday and today are probably the warmest we will see this week before cool and rainy weather moves in.

Nancy thought we could probably eliminate coloring Easter eggs this year -- I said we'd better check with the kids before we decided that. As I expected, Jennifer was eager to color eggs (Sean was otherwise engaged: he put in three hours doing yardwork for someone Saturday morning, spent a couple hours with his girlfriend, then went to work at KFC.)
In the right hand picture my daughter is using a Sharpie marker to draw a feline paw print on an egg.

One of Nancy's sisters and her daughter came to Rhode Island on Friday and we all had dinner at Nancy's mom's house on Friday (except Sean who was working) -- had a nice walk along a beach on Saturday morning -- and one of Nancy's brothers and his wife and daughter came on Saturday and again we had dinner at Nancy's mom's house. Sunday was just a stay at home day. Nancy and I took advantage of the mild sunny weather to have a nice bike ride along the bike path.

I took a lot of pictures of the flowers on our spring bulbs yesterday -- but when I looked at them today they were all overexposed. Guess I'll have to check the manual and see about making adjustments to the light meter. In the meanwhile, here's a picture of Nancy painting the kitchen last week.
No, this was not caused by me splashing coffee on the ceiling last week. That was just coincidence. This was a planned re-painting -- part of general spring cleaning and spiffing up -- Nancy had last week off for spring break.

I'm working from home today -- had a doctor's appointment this morning. My blood pressure -- which always used to check out fine except for being slightly elevated when checked at times of blood donation (something about looking forward to a needle being jammed into a vein) -- has been creeping up a bit during the last couple of years. A week and a half ago when I donated blood they marked me as 150/98 -- now that's high -- maybe not rated as hypertension but definitely way too high. So last week I decided that I should see my doctor about it. It came out 132/88. Much better. Still a bit too high, would prefer something more like 125/75 (which is closer to what it would be in years past when I was younger and weighed less and was in better shape... hmmm). So he said medication wasn't indicated, just drop a few pounds and keep track of it.

Okay, lunch break over, time to get back to work...

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