Farewell 2002 -- 12/31/02

Hmmm, I suppose that this is the point where I should sum up 2002, at least have a list of ten best and ten worst whatevers, but I really don't feel into that whole list making thing (and, even if I were into that, I don't have time to do that today).

It's been a busy year for me, one that seemed to zip by in a rapid blur.... and yet, I'm amazed to realize that I never left the country at all this year, not even just across the border to Canada. This is probably a reflection of the business climate... most of my travel was in the northeast (mostly Pittsburgh, although I also had business trips to Philadelphia and Boston) except for one trip to Dallas.

Part of the reason I don't have time to sit and think deep thoughts about 2002 is that we are having a little dinner party tonight -- Nancy's mother plus Nancy's sister and her husband and their teenaged daughters -- plus, of course, Nancy and me and Sean (Jennifer is snow-boarding up in Vermont, won't be home until Thursday). So, I've got to post this entry and then try to get in either a bike ride or go downstairs and lift some weights -- I'm still limping from the plantar fascitis in my left heel, still feeling pain from the three and a half miles I ran on Sunday -- and then I've got to cut up some veggies to go with dip, make a salad, and make some lassagna -- I'll get to use my new lassagna pan that Sean gave me for Christmas (along with that Sopranos cookbook). I'll be making two or three pans of lassagna. To please all tastes I'll make one pan with Italian sausage and one without, but each of them will be divided into a half with spinach and a half without...

There's a five kilometer race on the beach in Narragansett tomorrow morning... If my heel is feeling okay, I think that would be a great way to start the new year. If not... well, there's also going to be a polar bear swim at noon at that beach and I'm tempted to try that.

Happy New Year!

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