Picture This -- 10/06/02

Bonnie's HandsProject is back -- Sasha is now hosting it on her site.

I spent about three hours last night scanning in photographs I'd taken at Julie and John's wedding last weekend, cropping and resizing and adjusting them and linking them in an html file and then burning the whole thing to a CD to give to Julie when she comes back to work on Monday.

I'd mentioned the wedding quilt -- Judite (another co-worker and Julie's best friend and matron of honor) had organized getting friends and family to make quilt squares and then she sewed them all together on a backing and added a border, etc. She presented this to Julie and John at the reception, where it was put on display so everyone could see the results. So, since I had scanned in some pictures of it, I thought I would squeeze one down a little bit (save on bandwidth) and post it here.

So I've also scanned in some other photographs to share with you here. I took this one a couple of weeks ago behind our house. I was wandering around with my 35mm camera, looking for something to shoot when I saw this butterfly at that huge Butterfly Bush that has come to dominate the flower garden outside our kitchen. I whipped up my camera and snapped two pictures; one was just a blur but this one managed to freeze the butterfly's image.
Cat on Windowsill. This is one of Tiger's favorite places: a kitchen window looking out at Nancy's flower garden and that butterfly bush. (He will become very annoyed when the weather turns cold enough that we won't open the window for him.) This picture was also taken about two weeks ago.
This picture was taken yesterday in our front yard using one of those single-use disposable cameras (the same one I had used at the wedding, there were three or four shots left and I wanted to get the film processed so I could the wedding pictures to Julie on Monday).
Nancy is very fond of wallpaper. One of her summer projects was to redo our laundry room. She found some white kitchen cabinets at Home Depot that were similar to the ones in our kitchen (which has a doorway into the laundry area) and Sean and one of his friends mounted them on the wall above the washer and dryer. Nancy then wallpapered the room. This is a picture of the border she put around the top of the walls.
We're still a couple of weeks away from full autumn foliage around here. Autumn colors appear here and there, but it is still not widespread. The weather has been more like summer than autumn. Yesterday morning was warm, in the sixties (around 17 if you use a Celsius thermometer), and by afternoon temperatures were in the mid-seventies (around 24 for the metric-minded). Today isn't supposed to be as warm, but right now (10 a.m.) we have blue skies and sunshine, almost sixty right now and will probably be in low to mid-sixties by early afternoon.

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