Six Years -- 09/26/02

September 26, 1996. Wow. Six years of journal entries.

We live in the same house. We have the same cat. But there have been a lot of changes in our lives.

Nancy was working in information technology then, database stuff. Now she's begun her fifth year of being a math teacher.

Sean, my youngest, was in sixth grade, still in elementary school. (Since then our school system has switched from a 7th and 8th grade junior high school to a middle school model encompassing 6th, 7th and 8th grades.) Now he is in his senior year of high school.

Jennifer was starting her freshman year of high school. She graduated in 2000 and is now a college student. (And she has just moved back home -- as much as she enjoyed the freedom and independence of living in a cool college student neighborhood in Providence, she couldn't put up with sharing an apartment with someone who never cleaned, left the kitchen a mess, ate her food, and then asked to borrow his share of the rent.)

Adam, my eldest, was working as a free-lance photographer in New York City (and from time to time as art director on low budget independent films); he had yet to meet Leah. [Adam & Leah's wedding]

The Dow Jones Industrial Average was less than twenty days away from breaking the 6000 mark for the first time ever. And Greenspan was about ten weeks away from warning about "irrational exuberance" in the market (just to put things into perspective for you).

Since then I have posted a lot of words on my site. It now totals around eight megabytes of data, but that includes a lot of photographs. Counting today's entry, I have posted 348 jimsjournal entries. (Actually, I think there is a lost entry, one that I accidentally deleted a few years ago.) The pace of entries has varied over time -- 1998 was my slack year, only four entries -- and 2000 was my biggest year with 155 entries. This is my 80th entry for 2002 (which means my next entry will put 2002 in a tie with 2001 for second highest number of entries).

Some of the journals I used to read back then are gone or are online only in archive form, but some are still quite active. Emily was just finishing her freshman year of high school when she began her journal, back in the spring of '96; now she's a senior in college and still posting. Jen Wade has also been around since '96, although between working on her PhD and organizing this year's JournalCon in San Francisco, she doesn't update as frequently as in former years. C.J. also dates back to '96. Sage's Coffee Shakes has been gone for years but she and Todd can still be found on the web (and I still belong to a mailing list -- The Front Porch -- that covers a group of us who met in Sage's forum; in fact, I've met some of those good people in person over the years, in England and in Norway!).
You can find out more about journaling back those days of yesteryear by checking out the Online Diary History Project.

And thanks for reading...

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